Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloggaday 39 – I’m only doing this because pop rocks

Bloggaday 39 – I’m only doing this because pop rocks

Alright, I’m in a commercial mood. Today I’m bringing you some Rock Sugar. For a little background information. Rock Sugar is a rock band that basically performs mash-ups of rock and pop songs. Their story is rather tragic though. They were performing on a cruise ship that went down in the ocean. They managed to swim to a deserted island where they were stranded with a girl’s record collection of 80’s music. Oh, band funny.
I heard of them on Mike Schmidt’s 40 Year Old Boy podcast ( Apparently a man from Pole(star?) also listened to that episode of the podcast and started having his underlings write about them. Paramount read that, flew them to Nashville, and signed them the next day.
At this point, my exposure to Rock Sugar was this music video ( ). Very cool, but not enough to buy their CD. I listened their little clips on their website over at ( ). Again, it was cool, but nothing I would buy.
Rock Sugar actually went on The 40 Year Old Boy podcast (Mike Schmidt’s first guests) on his Year 2 finale ( ). I went ahead and pulled the three songs (Voices in the Jungle, Round and Separated, and Don’t Stop the Sandman) that they played on the podcast and I slid them into iTunes. Then came the nonstop Rock Sugar addiction I developed. In a week, I’ve played the first 18 times, the second 16 times, and the last 22 times. Well, I finally broke down and bought the CD. Now I’m hoping that the other songs are as good.

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