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Bloggaday 29 – B1C1 The Boy in the Boulder Part 1

Bloggaday 29 – B1C1 The Boy in the Boulder Part 1

A while ago, a posted a tweet herar \/
Concept art for #TheLastAirbender. The Watertribes were antagonists in the movie, slated for a #2012 release date.

I thought it clever, so I started writing it. Here is the first 500 words of it

The Shwailing Lizard marched through gravel that would have begun cooking the scampering feet of animals from any of the other nations. The Heat Bowl though, had a way of toughening animals… and people beyond the usual Fire Nation resilience.
The Heat Bowl had also put Sokka through that same toughening. He stalked through his own shadow with the lizard oblivious to his nearly freezing shadowing of it. A step quickened his pace. Another step brought dinner so much closer. A quick sprint and he launched off of a boulder’s wall, jumping for it. He dove with his sword slicing through the air before him as the wind tore in heated waves at his face.
The beast ripped around to meet him, but a blast of flame swallowed it in a swarm of heat. As he crashed to the earth, the flame swept itself to extinction, and he rolled through the heat.
Sokka came up from the roll with his sword swept back and boomerang tracking for an attacker. He fell to his knees as his sister stood through the blurring waves of heat with a charred stick. “Katara!” he cried. “You just destroyed dinner with your stupid magic fire!”
The girl poked at a blacked lump barely the size of her hand and said, “Dinner? There wouldn’t have been enough to carry him if you actually managed to hit this one.”
With a swipe, Sokka batted away her stick and cupped the once mighty foe. “Meat shrinks when you cook it, and what you did was way more than cook it.” A breeze managed the maze that the siblings had created and carried the lizard away, scattering it among the sands.
Black soot still caked Sokka’s hand. Katara sneaked with lungs full, but a rock caught her eye. It began trembling before blossoming into a full bounce. She let the air out with a point.
“What?” he slumped to the direction. As he watched the rock, a rumble began to add symphony. “We’ve got to go.”
Eye contact tethered them for the moment of personal silence before they started in a sprint. Katara spared a sideways glance back but screamed away from the view. A herd of Caline Rhinos tore at the dirt behind them. Her glance put them at a couple of dozen, but her view barely came to their heads, and the bulk of their bodies flared out from that.
The rumble grew as they ran through the valley. Through the exhaustion, Sokka managed to spill out a string of well-paced words. “Katara… we’ll have to… jump down the… bluffs…”
The cut in the valley wall came to them almost exponentially. Dirt sprayed them from the herd as they leapt for the gap. They tumbled down the outer wall of the Bowl. The fall continued as they struggled to grab for purchase before the ground leveled and they collapsed to the ledge.
As the siblings pulled themselves up, the trampling remained to add to the pounding of their head.

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