Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bloggaday 24 Home Remedies for Gerontological Issues

Bloggaday 24 Home Remedies for Gerontological Issues

The Shwailing Lizard marched through gravel that would have begun cooking the scampering feet of animals from any of the other nations. The Heat Bowl though, had a way of toughening animals… and people beyond the usual Fire Nation resilience.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled PWND edition of Bloggaday to bring you a video-accompanied special news bulletin.

Hmm, today I have a paper due, a paper I have yet to do. It’ll be easy though. All I have to do is watch a movie that has to do with a social problem and write a paper about it. My sociology teacher seems to be a fan of gerontology, so I might just do something on that. Something like Wildhogs.
Sigh, getting old is depressing. It’s just that much harder getting in and out of seats. Gettin’ movin’. You now, these few months round after 21 is pretty hard. That is a good point though. I guess there is one thing about getting old I won’t have to worry about. That there is the aid of Viagra. I’ve got my miracle cure typing this up at this very moment. No, not some cute girl. Good ol’ righty. In fact, I think I’ll turn some Barry White on the iTunes Genius playlist, lay it on a bed of the softest imported silks, and make sweet sweet lovin’ to it.
Sigh… again. That joke worked MUCH better in video format here – (, the first of what I can only imagine will be the very rare youtube accompaniment of the Bloggaday.
The bit of humor actually spawned from the new Two and a Half Men episode. Part 1 – Chelsea’s Dad asking his gay lover if he need any Viagra. The lover returned with, you are my Viagra. Couple that with the brilliance of Chuck Lorrie’s Vanity Cards, which I get nominated to read, and this is what you get. That particular Vanity Card was a “You know you’re getting old when…” card (fitting well with this Bloggaday’s gerontology’s theme). The line that set me off was, you get winded when you masturbate. That there got me going and the first thing that came to mind, which I of course spurted out while looking at my hand, “Baby, you are my Viagra.”

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