Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bloggaday 41 – I took a fall… It Kinda Hurt

Bloggaday 41 – I took a fall… It Kinda Hurt

Alright, I took a tumble. A pretty good one at that. I was mediating a conversation on my phone and a driver. A cop was coming and I was the driver, so I dove out of the car.
No, it wasn’t quite that stupid. I wasn’t driving. I was standing on the running board while the vehicle moved at a very leisurely pace. I am safety conscious though; I was holding the hand handle thing inside the car. The problem is, when the car came to a stop, I wasn’t behind my hand hold, so I couldn’t really push against my momentum.
So the car is stopping. I’m holding the handle with one hand and my phone with the other hand. I actually hit the side view mirror, but I spin away from it. Which, I’m rather impressed that I pulled that off. So at the very least, I didn’t break the mirror.
I hit the ground and I start running. Luckily, the car wasn’t going too fast, so I actually made it a few steps in a dead sprint. Yeah, it kind of went to hell after that.
I went down. I’m not sure when I lost my phone, but apparently I initially broke my fall with my hands. My left hand got chewed up a little bit. My palm got two chunks torn out it and a few other spots. My right hand came threw pretty unscaved. This is because I rolled through to my left. My left elbow took a pretty good drag through the asphalt. Then I continued and rolled onto my upper arm and back. Luckily I had a shirt on, but it still did some damage. If I didn’t have a shirt, I don’t think I would be sitting up right now.
Also, I had put a pair of jeans on to go to dinner. That was a really good idea. I came down on hip and knee pretty good, but due to a good layer of urban up denim, I came away with just a few red areas.
I have to give some prop to my phone and iPhone case, because once I came to stop, I popped up. It’s kind of funny; one of the few moments of clarity was myself on the ground and trying to decide if I should use my left or right hand to push myself up. Anyways, I jump up up and look for my phone. The thing was way out ahead of me. So I run over to it. I make sure it’s still working and there were no cars coming. Seeing everything was good, I swore a little bit. Honestly, you could hold the phone and case and never know it was in a fall. So big props to speck and their case.
Now, after I walked back home, I took a quick video of my injuries which I’ll post up on youtube if there’s any quality to it.
So far.
Bumpy and gravelly streets: 4
David running on the street: 0
Atleast there was no rubbing alcohol involved in this lost.

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