Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bloggaday 42 – Coooaaach!

Bloggaday 42 – Coooaaach!
I’m rather depressed. I meant to title the last Bloggaday “Coooaaach!” but I flaked on it. I suppose backstory would be beneficial for this. Yesterday’s Bloggaday was about me taking a fall. “Coach!” is something I tend to say when I get hurt. I started doing it with my brother. I believe it started when we played catch, and I would fall or something go for the ball. Afterwards, it became part of my regular vocabulary, taking the place “Ohohohohooo, that hurt.” I suppose the general meaning is, “That really kind of hurt, but I’ll live. Just give me a minute.”
Despite its footballer origins, it garnered particular success during wrestling.
This particular fall came with some hushed swearing, but it wasn’t that bad. Something to laugh off. Oh well, I’m over a hundred words and I’ve successfully sucked two Bloggadays out of this fall. Woohoo
Street: 4
David: 1
In yo face street.

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My 4.75 star playlist on iTunes. Maybe I’ll Bloggaday about tomorrow. It couldn’t be any worse than this one

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