Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bloggaday 27 – Ty Lee, Master of Pink Panther Style

Bloggaday 27 – Ty Lee, Master of Pink Panther Style

Still shaking it up here at Bloggaday. I haven’t drawn anything lately, well that was true before yesterday. My niece and nephew were drawing, so I decided to do some myself, terrible as it came out. That means though, I get to shamelessly plug my Deviantart and theOtaku accounts. The former being herar, and the latter being therar As you can see, I enjoy myself some Avatar fanart. I’ve been in an Avatar kick for the last year or so. I’ll move on when I find something else I suppose.
So anyways, back to current days. I drew this yesterday. Reference picture herar Now, had I just drawn it, I would have been happy with the piece, probably ecstatic since I can’t draw like that, but with a reference, meh, it should have been better. I’ll add some color to the next one I do.
The final piece is at the end, to see the couple of WIP pics I have, go herar (

Stay tuned to a special twist ending tomorrow. After 4 week of build up, the shirt saga culminates in an explosive finale. You’ve got to be shirting me!

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