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Bloggaday 36 – Disney Movies 3

Bloggaday 36 – Disney Movies 3

White Fang 2
I wonder if they threatened to move filming to Tampa Bay

Iron Will
Trains like Rocky

Adventures of Huck Finn, The
They were so out of ideas, they remade this?

Cool Runnings
Jamaican Bobsledders. Is it too obvious to ask which herb they were smoking when they decided to this?

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
I’m surprised they didn’t put Jonathan Taylor Thomas in this one.

Three Musketeers, The
Again, a bold move movie by Disney not going for the easy out of making them mice.

This is only my third time saying that I’m getting into movie I know.

What do you get when you mix a young (er?) Christian Bale, Disney, newspaper, and a dancing covor? This apparently.

Mighty Ducks, The
Finally, the last one of these I’ll have to see. And I feel confident that I can extend the use of the word “see” to include “watch film”

Muppet Christmas Carol, The
Disney is definitely a fan of the Christmas Carol.

Beauty and the Beast
I’ll put some truth down on this one. It made me cry when I was younger. Now, I would stop watching it even though my mom said that Beast comes back.

White Fang
I guess it could be Tampa Bay after global warming takes a whack at it. That or 2012

Rescuers Down Under, The
Buut do they bring the Thunder?

Little Mermaid, The
Have you seen the original case? I have it. Na nana anana

No girls this time? They just want to have fun

Oliver and Company
I have an excuse for not knowing this one. It literally was before my time.

Flight of the Navigator
Oh live action Disney movies.

Basil - The Great Mouse Detective
I always just knew it as The Great Detective. Good stuff though.

One Magic Christmas
I didn’t know Disney made this many live movies.

Journey of Natty Gann, The
Wow, this is actually rather amazing. I’ve never even heard of these.

Black Cauldron, The
Sounds familiar, but it didn’t have 8 sequels, so obviously, it was a horrible failure.

Return to Oz
Apparently the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion are named Tik-Tok (The object of a hit song that had sonld over 6 million units?) Pumpkinhead (The heart and soul of the horror franchise?)

Where the Toys Come From
Do they use humans when talking to their children about it?

Love Leads the Way
Odd title for Disney’s version of the Erin Brockovich

Never Cry Wolf
And here I am thinking it was a version of the story with the same name. No.

Tiger Town
Look for the much anticipated sequel coming Summer 2011. Cougar Town

Now this actually has a sequel coming out, but I’m surprised they didn’t wait to

Fox and the Hound, The
Interesting fact: Elvis Presley was not the first to sing the song, Hound Dog. Big Mamma Thornton sang it before him. He’s just crazy enough like a fox to record the cover

Last Flight of Noah's Ark. The
Robinson Crusoe meets the Bible?


Herbie Goes Bananas
You would think that the number on the “love bug” would be 69 rather than 53

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
With the drama and intrigue of Deadwood. I wonder if he has one bullet in this one too.

Black Hole, The
Better than a movie about the brown one, right?

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Pete's Dragon
And they called him… Puff

It seems Don Knotts is quite the Disney standard

Shaggy D.A., The
If my brother becomes a mountain man, this may be him in a few years.

Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Just like warm apple pie, this hits the spot

The Strongest Man in the World
I never thought Disney would endorse human, not just human but also student, testing.

Herbie Rides Again
In goes down in an exhaust of glory

Robin Hood
I’ll take this moment to bring up the Russell Crow movie coming up…

I don’t think it looks that great

At least from what I’ve seen

Now You See Him, Now You Don't
I’m actually rather impressed with Disney’s loyalty to actors *this casae being Kurt Russell again).

The Biscuit Eater
Stealing Moreover to be a pointer. Must complete against Silverbelle in a state championship. Sadly, my sentence makes sense.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Looks vaguely familiar… And racist

Million Dollar Duck, The
Does he split the duck open at the end, or does Disney not go quite that far.

The Barefoot Executive
Oooh, corporate success and dishonesty. I think I just found out what inspired our current predicament.

AristoCats, The
I think I might have saw this one

I think this actually was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
Kurt Russell as a genius named Dexter. Isn’t there a cartoon on Disney or Nickelodeon like that. Yay for 40 year old plagiarism

Love Bug, The
I must say though, Herbie is one of the few Live action Disney flicks that have become that well known.

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit
A multi-tasking business who buys his daughter a horse and names him after the item he markets. Almost too practical for a business movie.

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
With nearly half a dozen descripters, it’s one of the longest titles I’ve seen

Jungle Book, The
One of the bare necessities that every kid should watch

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The Red Serpent by Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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