Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bloggaday 32 – An Avatar Cast Update

Bloggaday 32 – An Avatar Cast Update

Alright, so the cast of the Avatar Fan Cosplayer Cast is locked and messages are being sent out. I’ve got messages sent out to the, I guess evil half of the cast? I’ll try to get the other messages out today.
It’s rather amazing though. My current release schedule is to post the pictures and information of the antagonists next Friday. The protagonists would be the week after that. Then the Friday after that will be the entire cast all nicely presented. That last week include something I’ll put up on youtube, and if I feel like dealing with, on the DJ Show podcast. I should probably add something to deviantart and theotaku.
Yep, I’m milking this project for as many daily blogs I can. I had actually intended to do another Disney Movie Rundown today, but I was rather surprised at the fact I have already received messages back. I have, of course, made an idiot of myself. My imbecility knows no ends, even when I do my best due diligence.
Honestly though, I didn’t think I would get responses very quickly. I figured by next week when I post the first half of the cast, I would be lucky to get a quarter of my messages responded to. But as I went on to , it actually tells you the last time the people were on. A vast majority had actually been on that day. Half of those who weren’t, had been on very recently, and the rest (I think 2) hadn’t been on in the last month or two. So it wouldn’t shock me if I get responses from a majority of the cosplayers by the time I actually start putting production value into this.
To beef up my wordcount, I’m actually going to post the form letter I sent out. All I had to do was address it with my best known name and who the cosplayed as and what links I plan on providing to credit them. Rather simple

Hello ,
My name is David, and I’m putting together a fancast of The Last Airbender comprised of cosplayers. When I came across your , I wanted to add it. The cast will go on my daily blog as well as youtube as some sort of image collage. I am writing to ask your permission to use your photos in this. I do not know how long it will take to receive permission from the people I am contacting, so if for some reason you wish to not be included and I have already posted the content, I will remove your portion of it.
Thank you for your consideration and great cosplaying. I will credit you with the following links and name. If you would like any of this information to be changed, removed, or some additional information included, please let me know and I will update my citation. You can reply to this message or email me at Have a great day.

Since that is 500 words, I’ll say goodbye until tomorrow.

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