Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloggaday 43 – My iTunes Playlists

Bloggaday 43 – My iTunes Playlists

For yesterday’s “listening to” tag, I put 4.75 down. So I now, to kill another Bloggaday, I’m going to talk about it. iTunes is set up with a rating system. Like most systems, it’s based on 5 stars. I, personally, have a corresponding playlist for each star plus a few extra.
1 starers are songs that eventually, I’ll probably just delete. There are only 10 songs in there now. 2 star songs are also pretty iffy. There’s currently 77 songs there, but I know a few of them are mistakes, so I need to go back through them. 3 star songs make up a good midriff. With 152 songs, it’s filled with songs I’ m very content with listening to (is very content any different than a little content?) Songs with 4 stars start to get a little complicated. So much so, I’m going to give it a whole paragraph
The 4 starers are broken into 3 playlists: 4 (224), 4.5 (171), and 4.75 (120). Songs in the 4 playlist, I’m happy listening to. Granted I don’t listen to it all that much. 4.5 has some really good music in it. Now 4.75 is when the music really steps up. It has some really key songs in it that really makes it shine. It’s a common playlist that’s been getting played lately.
The 5 star playlist (190) is another convoluted mess of songs. The “5” playlist is only 1 playlist, but there are additional playlists that categorize the 5 starers. Technically, there are 3 additional playlists: 0Area51 (78), 0Area52(100), and 0Area53(7). The 0 before the names is for it to show up higher on the list of playlists. Area53 is a new playlist that I really haven’t done anything with it. Area51 is the low quality 5 star songs. Area 52 is on the top echelon (to be replaced by Area53). If I’m listening to 5 starers, it’s either 5 or Area 52. The major qualifier for being a 5 starer is to have a relistenability on top being a great song.
Realistically, I need drop a few 5 starers into the 4 star playlists and visa versa. I should also probably delete 1 starers and move the 2 starers down to 1 star. Drop the 3 starers to 2 stars, drop 4.0ers into 3, put 4.5 into 4 with a few staying, and then the songs in 4.75 either split into 4.5 or upgrading up to 5 and Area51(2).
Well, that’s enough of this iTunes talk. Have a good day everybody.

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