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Bloggaday 21 – Avatar Re-envisioned Coming to a Blog Near You

Bloggaday 21 – Avatar Re-envisioned Coming to a Blog Near You

Alright folks. I saw the cover for 2012 (, and the first I thought was if they decided to make the watertribes the antagonists in the Last Airbender movie. Having the in my head for a couple of hours, I decided to write that.
So it is time for me to take up the fanfic mantle and put pixels to the page in a new TWC. I figure if I write a story to somewhat mirror what happens in the series, I can release them along with TheAvatarJorney ( ), but given the necessary changes I would have to make, that could cause some problems.
There are of course bum loads of problems. There is a reason why the fire nation is the antagonistic civilization in the story, so it will require some creativity to spin this believably. I’m already churning some ideas on that. I won’t go into details on that, but will mention that it’s going to be Fire Tribes and Water Nation.
The next problem, lies I the Earth Kingdom ad Air Nomads. With Katara and Sokka being from the Fire Tribes, Aang would still learn water next, not fire. I could make Aang an earthbender (which given the couple hundred words I wrote last night, would fit nicely), but that brings some other problems.
The Earth Nation acts as the major population sources for the series. Some temples can’t really do replace that. Plus, I have some problems in general about the temples. They are all monks, not families. I would take from this, that airbenders are born outside of the Air Nomads. So, if the temples are only where airbenders stay, not born, how can wiping them out, wipe out the airbending gene, which is already in the world. Airbenders should still be born. Maybe I just don’t get how it works in Avatar.
So if I make Aang an earthbender, I could make them the monks of the world and have airbenders have a thriving kingdom. Again, though, there are reasons why Aang is an airbender. Damn be those reasons. Toph will be problematic though, since the blind earthbender was major point. So I’ll have to figure this out as one the first major problems. I may have to rearrange the order he learns the elements and just settle with the established storyline.
I think there were a few other things I wanted to walk though, but I’ll just stop here. I’ll post what I have written on Wednesday for another edition of PWNED so I’ll post anything else then.
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Concept art for #TheLastAirbender. The Watertribes were antagonists in the movie, slated for a #2012 release date.

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