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Bloggaday 35 – Fab B Talk on… Healthcare

Bloggaday 35 – Fab B Talk on… Healthcare

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Fab B Talk on…

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I suppose I could offer some explanation. Fab B is a character I created for my first podcast, The Davidian Cast. I’ll see if I can scrounge up some album artwork for it. This is the only episode I know for sure I did him on – 4 The Cult of Live Love Laugh

For the first episode, Fab B talks about my visit to get a physical. It’s rather amazing how your mind wanders after waiting over a half hour in the exam room. I suppose I should clarify. Neither I nor Kaiser Permanente endorse smoking. Don’t do it kids… I mean unless you want to look, like really cool or something.
I also got a Tetanus shot and H1N1 flu shot. From my understanding, flu shots can be painful, sore, become inflamed, yadayadayada. I’m not sure which one was which, but the one in my left arm hurt like a fabulousing fabulouser, so I’m guessing it was the H1N1. I got the shot Wednesday, and today was the first day it didn’t hurt. The shot I got on my right arm did hurt at all.
The shots do remind me of an incident years ago. I don’t remember how old I was, but I went to the hospital to get a shot. I’ve never been freaked out by needles, but this nurse was terrible. She got me all worked up and freaked out. “This is going to hurt, okay?” “You may want to hold onto your dad’s (I think I went with my dad) hand.” “You have to be a big boy, alright?” All kinds of crazy shiznit like that.
Once the WOrst and Mean/Angry Nurse actually jabbed me with the needle, it wasn’t bad. It was just a shot.
Oh well, that’s enough of jabbing and poking guys with long circular things. Enjoy Fab B. I intend on doing more videos.

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