Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bloggaday 108 – The 3-week Hello (Piccaday)

Bloggaday 108 – The 3-week Hello (Piccaday)

A little over 3 months ago, I started this Bloggaday as well as the Piccaday. As you can guess, the first is a blog everyday, and the second is a picture everyday. Throughout the Piccaday, I’ve done miscellaneous things to change it up. Afterall, ot gets a little boring. The last thing I did spanned the last 3 weeks.
Once I finish the Piccaday, I plan on posting a Youtube video of the pictures. Once it hits May 11th, it will hit something of a stop motion video of me saying, “Hello, and welcome to the Bloggaday.”
Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t exactly get spaced out through uniformly. So I don’t know how well it will translate, especially the end. I just wanted to be done with it. But 3 weeks was enough to convey the idea. So I’ll have to do some video mumbo jumbo and see how it worked.
I hadn’t decided what the speed of the video was going to be, but I suppose this will be quite the determining factor.
Well, prepare for a long post, because I’m posting the greeting in its entirety.

86 May 11 Hello Pt1

87 May 12 Hello part 2

88 May 13 Hello Part 3

88 May 14 Hello Part 4

90 May 15 Hello Part 5

91 May 16 Hello Part 5

92 May 17 Hello pt 7

92 May 17 Hello pt 7

93 May 18 Hello part 8

94 May 19 Hello part 9

95 May 20 Hello Part 10

96 May 21 Hello Part 11

97 May 22 hello Part 12

98 May 23 Hello Part 13

99 May 24 Hello Part 14

100 May 25 Hello Part 15

101 May 26 Hello Part 16

102 May 27 Hello Part 17

103 May 28 Hello part 18

104 May 29 Hello Part 19

105 May 30 Hello Part 20

106 May 31 Hello Part 21

107 June 1 Hello Part 22

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108 June 2

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