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Bloggaday 112 – Round 3, Write!

Bloggaday 112 – Round 3, Write!

I do believe this is the first time I’ve extended a Bloggaday to three posts.
I’ve got to bring up the title though. At the moment, possible titles include: Jamie “The Other Darkness” Yager; Exercising, Round 3; Round 3, Write!
As I said at the end of yesterday’s Bloggaday*, I think two things have put me in this current mindset: The Ultimate Fighter and Mike Schmidt’s Rocky With a Blog.
I suppose I’ll handle those in that order. As I said in the Bloggadays, I don’t follow the UFC that closely, but I have been watching and quite thoroughly enjoying the Ultimate Fighter. Quite frankly, if watching that doesn’t make you want to hit something, well I don’t want to question your manhood over the internet… but I guess I kind of am. Given the lack of punching bagness in the garage, I went to plan B, weight shadowboxing/MMAing. Which was a lot of fun, and I will definitely be doing it again.
Before, I said I started watching it the season with all heavyweights. That’s mostly true. I caught the end of US v UK, but I really got into it last season. The next paragraph is going to be a bit spoiler laden and boring as I talk about, so if you want to skip it, just go to the extra line break.
As I said, I’m not a big UFC guy, but I know of guys like Liddell, Ortiz, Rampage, and Rashad. When I first started Heavyweights, I knew a little bit about them, but I wasn’t THAT familiar with them, so it took a few moments to choose my allegiance. For the first second or two, I was leaning to Rashad, but I flipped pretty quickly to Rampage. That did not go well at all. I think if it wasn’t for The Darkness, he would have gotten swept. Which was a real shame because I liked Rampage, and I liked the fighters on that team more. I hated it soooooo much when the guy who won ended up winning. Argh, pissed me off somethin’ fierce. I hated him, and I really liked the other three guys in the top 4.
Oddly, I wasn’t a big fan of Tito this season, basically just Rampage reincarnate. I didn’t lean either way all that much though. I think I like The Iceman a little more, but I liked Tito’s fighters more.
Two fighters I like a lot were Marcus “The Darkness” Jones from last season and Jamie “The Other Darkness” Yager. The reason I gave Yager that nickname is because I think the parallels between the two are rather amazing. They are both absolutely devastating on offense, but they’ve got jack shit for defense. I remember Marcus getting a hold of guys last season and just tearing them up. Yager did the same thing in his first couple of fights. The bell rang and he just knocked the fog out of these guys. He’s just such an explosive guy. They both had the same problem though. When they couldn’t take the other guy right out, they just couldn’t handle them. Which is depressing because I wanted Yager to win or at least be in the Finale.
When I say, “Finale,” I mean one of the last two. Last year, they gave a couple of fighters from the season fights. I’ve got a bad feeling that despite how awesome Yager’s matches were, him bitching out after the before the 3rd round might keep him from a Finale matchup. I think the reason Tito got so upset about Yager “pussing” out in that fight is some matter of his own reflection of himself dropping out of his fight with Liddell. Granted, he was pissed off in general about it, but I imagine that pushed it farther.
Now, I’m talking a big game about Yager quitting before the last round because that’s the culture of MMA fighters. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to go out there and get clocked 12 seconds into the fight, you just get out there anyways. It’s that, “never quit” mentality. I myself, am a baby, and that’s not really my thing, so I don’t really have that much of a problem with him playing it smart, though you do get kinda caught up in the mentality and mindset of these guys.

Argh, this is killing me. I’ve already sailed pass my wordcount for a third day and I’m still not done. I’ll have to use Rocky with a Blog as a segue into a Podcast Bloggaday. I have got to cap this thing at 800 words. Son of a

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*I’m actually writing this on Friday, June 4th. See, I can act. I don’t think I’ve been this far ahead since I started this thing though.

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