Monday, June 28, 2010

Bloggaday 134 – SotW 5

Bloggaday 134 – SotW 5

Chuck: Hello everyone. Tom, can you believe this is already the fifth Song of the Week?*

Tom: No, Chuck, it only feels like four SotW’s if you ask me.

Chuck: Yes, well to each his own, Tom.

Tom: Will you every STOP using clichés there Chuck?

Chuck: I doubt it, Tom. It’s just the kind of sports announcer I am.

Tom: Don’t you mean, “music announcer?”

Chuck: Good one there, Tom.

Tom: I really do try.

Chuck: You could have fooled me.

Tom: This exchanged has been a reenactment between Chuck and his wife last night.

Chuck: A little too close to home there, Tom.

Tom: Perhaps we should get off of your wife then.

Chuck: Are you settin

Tom: That exchange came from Chuck’s wife, Chuck’s milkman, and myself the night before last.

Chuck: …

Tom: …

Chuck: Anyways, this week’s Song of the Week is

“I Want to be a Billionaire”


Travis McCoy

Tom: And I want to be the first to congratulate them on this success in their career. This really could be a turning point for them

Chuck: Yes… Well… As a note to any potential viewers, there is some harsh language in the song.

Tom: What? Just a few f#@ks and a s#!t or two.

Chuck: Please! The language. We have to be professional to get the Performer of the Month gig.

Tom: Ah yes, the Performer of the Month Bloggaday will be coming Wednesday which we will be hosting.

Chuck: Well, we hop if you ca control yourself for more than 200 words.

Tom: And if you can stay on topic. I was about to tell the folks about tomorrow’s Bloggaday.

Chuck: I’m sorry, Tom. Go ahead.

Tom: Well thank you. Anyways, before that douchebag interrupted me.

Chuck: Oh, come on! I’ve got a mortgage and wife!

Tom: Alright. Tomorrow’s Bloggaday will be the first fitness report for the Bloggaday author.

Chuck: Well, we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for that. As for today, I’d like to thank everyone for typing and reading the Song of the Week with Tom and Chuck. We’ll see you next week.

Tom: Well, I don’t know. You need to learn how to stay on topic, Chuck.

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134 June 28

* You can see the video of last week’s SotW here

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