Monday, June 7, 2010

Bloggaday 113 SotW 2

Bloggaday 113 SotW 2
Chuck: I interrupt your Bloggaday concept week with this important update.
Tom: That’s right Chuck. Over the past week, two bands have battle behind the scenes for pop culture dominance. It has been a clash of the new and old. The established band, AC/DC has been heads-up with new breakout group, Rock Sugar for this week’s Song of the Week honors.
Chuck: Unfortunately for Rock Sugar, AC/DC was able to establish a foothold early in week before Rock Sugar became a major player for the title. It looks like that means an AC/DC song will take the cake this time.
Tom: It’s funny you should use that tired and beaten cliché, Chuck. The SotW is actually an award the band, Cake, has won.
Chuck: Very good Tom. Without further ado, the Song of the Week is

Back in Black

Tom: I want to be the first to congratulate AC/DC for winning this honor. Even though they won, there was some turmoil for the band itself because there was no clear-cut winning song. It came down between Back in Black, Thunderstruck, and Big Balls. But as you can see, Back in Black was able to get that extra step on the other songs and pull this one out.
Chuck: That’s right, Tom, but do you have any news for next week’s SotW?
Tom: Well, David has shown some particular interest for the Rock Sugar song, Here Comes the Fool You Wanted.
Chuck: Really, why, Tom?
Tom: Well, the line “Sweet dreams are made of this… of the 7 seas,” was really catching with him and he was trying to find out which song it went to. Turns out it is from the Eurythmics song, Sweet Dreams.
Chuck: So are you predicting Here Comes the Fool You Wanted as the next SotW, Tom?
Tom: Haha, I don’t know if I would go that far Chuck. There is still a lot of music to be played, and it’s still anyone’s game. Other strong contenders seem to be Dream of a Whole Lotta Breakfast and Crazy Girl
Chuck: Well, you seem to be pretty sure it’ll be a Rock Sugar song though.
Tom: Well, short of a new song coming to the stage, I really don’t see anyone being able to break the momentum Rock Sugar has been gathering. They seem pretty unstoppable at the moment. I don’t think any older song will be able to stop this sand man.
Chuck: Haha, Tom. Sounds great. Until next time, this has been Chuck and Tom covering this week’s Song of the Week. I thank you for choosing us, and I hope you make the same choice next week. Have a great day everyone.

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