Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloggaday 128 – Why Do Jean Pockets Suck?

Bloggaday 128 – Why Do Jean Pockets Suck?

This was going to be last Tuesdays post when I changed it up to cover the earthquake.

I’m a newcomer to the jean world. Only in the last year or so, I’ve started wearing them again. I don’t know if again is really the right word. I’ve never been a jeans kind of guy. Hell, I went a decade without so much as trying a pair of jeans on.

In the stead of the denim leg coverings, I went shorts. Hot, cold, I went shorts. Rain, sleet, snow, I went shorts. Sadly, that is literal and not an exaggeration.* But as we learned in Bloggaday 74, I’ve been growing up, and I’ve been moving into big boy pant territory. It is Southern California though, so it’s not always pant weather.

Besides the warmness of jeans, I do have another problem with them. I hate the pockets. Now you can get carpenter jeans, which have normal pockets, but the others suck. I’m guessing everyone knows what jeans are like, but I’ll describe them anyways. They open high and they’re tight. It’s inconvenient and rather limiting.

I know I’ve been a bit long on these Bloggadays lately, so I think I’ll just end this one here.

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128 June 22

* I went out one night to buddy’s house and it started snowing… How was I supposed to predict that? It’s Southern California

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