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Bloggaday 123 – The Clipshow 1.2

Bloggaday 123 – The Clipshow 1.2

“I know most guys would be happy with 13 inches to show off out in public, but what can I say? I’m guilty of avarice.”

From my rambling of a new laptop on Bloggaday 72.

“It elevates bacon to new category of being a non-food, Supplere non Complere.”

Ahh yeah. Bloggaday 73 – PWND with a Side of Bacon – The Law of Special Baconivity. Definitely one of my favorite Bloggadays. You have to read it to comprehend its awesomeness.

“another new thing for me that points towards me being an ol’ somebich.”

From 74, me talking about growing up.

“That damn rat pins me down while the Italian crams food down my throat…

That all leads to post-pizza misery, or PPM for short.”

77 was about my battle with PPM.

“With a little backstory down, I will return to my original thought… after these commercial messages…

Feeling blue?

Feeling depressed?

Feeling like a vacation?

Get Lemon Wacky Hello, as seen on Just Shoot Me!

Just $139.99 per gram in both rock and powder form!”

The frist commercial I’ve done on the Bloggaday. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the trend up since Bloggaday 80.

“Listening to

Now: Myself Sneeze. Next: The 40 Year Old Boy. Later: Dr. Pfahler and her bag of crazy.”

The first time I’ve quoted the “Listening to” tag coming from 81.

“Bloggaday 83 – Farewell to Longhaired Hippy Days”

Self-explanatory I would like to think. I got a haircut.

“So be lazy all you Mothers, tucked in bed, perhaps some breakfast in there. Maybe you can read a book all you Mothers. Huckleberry Finn is always a good choice. You deserve some candy, you Mother. Suckers are always a great candy, especially when they have those tootsie rolls in them. Maybe you can go see a comedy show tonight, you Mothers. Tucker, Chris Tucker from the Rush Hour fame is a funny guy. Maybe you could have America’s favorite food, you Mothers. Smuckers would probably be my choice of jelly for you guys though. All in all, you just need to rest you Mothers. Bucker down and just get some R&R.”

A paragraph from 84, my Mother’s Day Bloggaday

“Purple garden spades taste lemony 0_o”

Bloggaday 85 was also one of my favorite Bloggadays. Had to bust out my acting chops for it. I had quite a few quotes I wanted to take from it. I ended up just using the last line.

“Bam, instant harem (not Roman, I know) again. That’s just good ol’ Stimulus -> Response conditioning if you ask me. Stroke, whoops, strike one up for the Behaviorists.”

This was another Bloggaday that I really liked and think you should read. Bloggaday 86 – Alexander the Fabulous

“Jeeze. Clm yur sht nd hld on.” He took the phone away from his ear and started tapping buttons and scrolling through pages. “Iknow ths hing hs u lcator… Ha!” he yelped with an eerie lack of emotion. Pulling the cigarette out of his mouth, he continued. “There, I just texted you my location.”

From PWND on 87.

“An excursion that took me across the vast expanses of Redlands.

A journey that tested my abilities.

A quest left unfinished.”

An excerpt from 89, the milk Bloggaday, well one of them

“I'll take "Scholarships" for 1,500, Alex”

I’m still waiting for my scholarships I talked about in Bloggaday 90, a month ago.

“Hmm, now that seems to imply it was something of an accomplishment, a feat if you will. Again, that’s wrong. You should really stop inferring things. It takes too long for me to correct you on your misconceptions.”

From 92, it was a multi-faceted diddy on Naruto.

“At the moment, Sloth is laying the smacketh down on greed. Not only the smacketh down, it’s stomping a hole in greed’s candy ass.

Looks like Sloth’s body blows are adding up to a Judge’s Decision.”

From the title fight in Bloggaday 93

“The noise… well music blared in Marcus’s head. His concentration fought the vibrations from turning his brains to mush. He pushed the woman off of him and fought his way though the mass of people that oscillated… well slammed into each other to the music.”

The first paragraph of “A Clash of Neutral” from the PWND Bloggaday 95

“I figured they could make a Costco run and knock that out nice and cheep. Sure, they can toss some other stuff in, just to keep the masses happy, but really, muffins are good, aren’t they? To the demise of my presumed pleasure, that was not the case.

Next, Perez also won, which was rather fitting since he is actually retiring after this semester. Kind of makes me feel like I did back when I was rooting for Bret Favre to win the Superbowl and retire out on top. Because yes, sharing Professor of the Year with two other teachers is the exact equivalent of Favre winning the Superbowl. I’m sure Perez as a boy would daydream in his classes of the day when his name would be called, and the presenter would greet him in front of the graduating class with “I’m not hugging you.””

I liked that presumed pleasure line from 96, the one about graduating.

“She was a Veterinarian (how sad is it that I didn’t know how to spell that?)

Until next time, peace, chicken.”

An amusing line since it came from 97, the continuation of my graduation description. The second line was actually my signout from The Davidian Cast

“We’ve all been through those moments, the moment when losing a loved one is a very real possibility. This happened to me yesterday. I have to say, sitting there, seeing the wires attached to it, is a very emotional thing. When it doesn’t look good, you try to get second opinions, but things don’t get better when you hear the same news from different people. Then, as they are all tied into the machines, and the computer doesn’t do anything, is just devastating. Seconds tick by as you hope for it to do something, anything… But it never comes. At this point, you have to go online and find any alternative to save that loved one. Then you find something and hold the home and power buttons until it finally boots up.

Yesterday, I had this scare. My iPhone went dark on me…”

From my iPhone scare in 98

“After all, what is the Bloggaday, if not a screwed up tragedy?”

From Bloggaday 100, the one where I foreshadowed this post and described the trimesters of the Bloggaday would each be called a Trigady

“That all boils down to the fact that I have absolutely no idea how “good” of a writer I am. Of course when I say “good,” I could very well mean “crappy.” I’m not sure why I put that last one in “” marks, but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it. Apparently I’ll write 30 words to comment on it, but I won’t push the backspace button a few times and just change it.”

Oh, true words from 101, the education Bloggaday

“The Blog of days gone past shall rise again, and it will walk among the Bloggaday”

The Twitter Tag for 103, talking about the revival of older blog segments and reincorporating them into the Bloggaday.

“I had seen commercials for it, and I figured it would be horribly cheesy and absolutely terrible or it would ridiculously cheesy and actually great.”

My note for Mantracker on the first Performer of the Month Bloggaday, 106.

“so I shouldn’t have to make multiple trips out there for this wave of nonsense… hopefully.”

Me trying to figure out CSUSB for 107.

“3 week build up: check. Self indulgent Bloggaday: check. Twitter pimpin: check”

Talk about a stop-motion video (not this one from 108.

“It’s kind of funny. Actually, it’s not funny, but it seemed to be the proper cliché to open this Bloggaday right up.

Well, when you find a parking spot 10 till 1:30, you don’t have time for that fancy book shoppin’.



From the rant on 109 about my trip to CSUSB (note: “…” is Mike Schmidt shorthand for “you 4#&%”)

“Plus, it was fun, which is a major selling point for me, since I bore rather easily

Exercise by music, kinda like paint by numbers, only on the Bloggaday”

From 110, you get some insight into my mind and my new workout regime.

“It’s something of a badge of honor. Means that I busted my ass… or I had lived such an insanely sedentary lifestyle, I could have gotten this sore cutting a well-done steak. While I prefer to think it’s the former, I suppose in the context of the latter, the former becomes true anyways.

Tune in tomorrow, same Blaggaday page, same Bloggaday time*.

*Subject to change”

A line from 111, part of the workout blogs.

“well I don’t want to question your manhood over the internet… but I guess I kind of am”

This gem comes from the trilogy on 112

“Chuck: It looks like that means an AC/DC song will take the cake this time.

Tom: It’s funny you should use that tired and beaten cliché, Chuck. The SotW is actually an award the band, Cake, has won.”

A line from the first SotW with the appearance of Chuck and Tom. 113

“I won’t go through the rest of my podcasts one by one that I’ve ever listened to since this has been boring enough and I don’t want to take the thunder out of the newest podcast on the Mike Schmidt Podcasting Network, “Podcasting, Cars, and Me with Jay Leno.””

From 114, the podcast Bloggaday

“The man’s head dropped before he turned back to the trio. “You might want to hurry, Mr. Ford. You have the unfortunate luck of owing me the wrong amount of money. He grabbed a handful of scraggly hair and continued into gazeless eyes, “You owe me enough money to physically intervene, but it’s small enough that the message it sends for us to kill you… Well, that does more for our reputation than taking that piss-poor excuse of collateral you put up.” He clinched the hair and sent another blow to the boy’s gut.”

Oh snaps, how will Nathan from Leverage escape from this PWND induced Bloggaday (115 – The Funeral Job)? Find out in a future installment of Post-PWND

“The day after, I was a bit sore, but after walking all day and having to do some running and running up the stairs… oh the stairs… Well, after that, my legs just went to shite.”

Part two of the podcast Bloggadays. Oooo, we’re getting close to the end of the first Trigady. Can you feel the excitement? No? Touch the keyboard; it’ll give you a little shock. Oh yeah, 116

“I have to warn you though, as the description says, it’s uniquely profanierfic

Quite the nice coincadink”

From 117, the last podcast Bloggaday, the one about my own podcasts.

“He would wander the hallways, cries of boredom echoing throughout the house.

Mine on the other hand? They have been forged in the jaded heat of boredom.

I actually increase stimuli and reduce productivity.

then yours is a case that not even I can fix. May god have mercy on your soul… as he plays paddleball with it. Come on, how bored does he have to be? Have you seen what happened last time his efficiency went up, and the Egyptians fell? . Yeah, that’s how we got the platypus”

Another one of my favorites, in 118 I describe how to keep yourself from getting bored and how to hone you efficiency to the perfect point.

119. That’s all you need to know. Just go to the link and watch the video.

“Tom: Yeah, we have to work on that. Hopefully after a few weeks, we’ll move up and get the old set from those Poetry Wed-Nes-Day pricks.

Tom: Idiocy, Chuck!

Chuck: Well, I just want to thank all of the viewers who make our little show here possible. Thank you and tune in next week see me and maybe a new co-host.

* Tom: Suck it!”

From 120, the second appearance of Tom and Chuck with the Song of the Week

And finally…

“I hopped onto twitter when I had the quake sight pulled up because I wanted to get an update on the closing Scott Sigler Fan Video contest (my entry is here”

I love how I can turn a Bloggaday about an earthquake into a plug for my Lego video. Unfortunately, I’m rather disappointed with that particular Bloggaday (121). I ended up changing it late, writing it really late, and I’m just not impressed with the final result. Add that with the fact that it closed out the first Bloggaday Trigady, I’m saddened by it. Well, onward and upward.

Listening to

Episode 12, Year 3 by The 40 Year Old Boy

Twitter Tag

The final clipshow for the first Trigaday, only on Bloggaday

As Always, you can find my posts at these convenient interwebs Plaster Caster Twitter Strutter Hung My Head in a Tumblr A Little Less Talk and a Whole Lotta Love If I Never See Your Face Again

Youtube Awesomeness Still deciding to try to capture it or let it slip

For the Piccaday Says I broke it twice, I must have done it half a dozen times Because Yesterdays ain’t got nothing on me From the nest in the hills chillin’ with Flynt

123 June 17

* I have a final question for you though. Did you touch the keyboard back in 116?

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