Monday, June 21, 2010

Bloggaday 127 – SotW 4

Bloggaday 127 – SotW 4

Chuck: Hello Bloggaday readers, and welcome to the 4th edition of the Song of the Week.*

Tom: Yes, folks, we here at the SotW are nearly a month old and we are loving it.

Chuck: Calm down, Tom, this is our first video, and we don’t want to scare off our potential viewers.

Tom: Alright, Chuck. (Smile)

Chuck: (Sigh n facepalm)

Tom: Let’s stay professional here, Chuck and get to this week’s Song of the Week

Chuck: That sounds great, Tom. This week’s song comes to us as the weekly free song from iTunes.

Tom: Well, I’m glad to see the humble beginnings some songs come from to become the coveted Song of the Week

Chuck: (Pause and look at him) Yeah, it’s amazing.

Tom: (Look back over) What?

Chuck: This is going on Youtube, not ESPN. Do you think you can tone it down a little? You’re lucky you didn’t get fired for last week’s outburst.

Tom: As I like to say, Chuck, Luck is the residue of design.

Chuck: (Continue looking) (Shake head)

Tom: I guess I’ll have to carry this edition of SotW. This week’s Song of the Week is…



The Expendables

Chuck: Congratulations, Expendables.

Tom: (clapping) Yes, good job. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be here accept the award.

Chuck: What are you talking about? We never have the band on.

Tom: Well this is our first video and it sounds better if it looks like we COULD get the band on.

Chuck: (look back to the camera) As I was saying, “Wells” was downloaded the week of May 16th as iTunes free song of the week.

Tom: And now they’re the Song of the Week for June 20th. Chuck, do you believe in miracles?

Chuck: I really wish you would have been fired last week.

Tom: Good to know, Chuck. (Smile)

Chuck: Well, that’s been week 4 of The Song of the Week. Thank you for choosing the Bloggaday for your music news and entertainment. You can find us at and the Bloggaday every week at From Tom, Chuck and all of us here at the SotW, Have a great day and we hope to see you next week

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I’m leaving show notes in because I’m lazy

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