Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bloggaday 114 – The Podcast Bloggaday

Bloggaday 114 – The Podcast Bloggaday
Alright, this is partly a new Bloggaday and also a continuation from the past few days.
I’ll start by takin a few more whacks at the downed horse. Actually, I think I’ll spring it on you later.
Many a moons ago, I stumbled on podcasts. Sadly, I don’t remember what the first podcast was I listened to, but I’ve been listening to them rather consistently since then. Heck, I’ve even reinstated my Podcaster of the Year award segment for the Bloggaday.
Despite my championing of podcasts, I don’t listen to that great of a variety of them. I only consistently listen to maybe 3 or 4, including Brian Brushwood’s Scam School, Mike Schmidt’s 40 Year Old Boy, Scott Sigler’s 8 books and 213 various short stories that he puts out every for the past 27 years. I’ve been a little inconsistent lately, but The Flashback podcast for Phil Hendrie’s radio show is also great.
Other podcasts getting my attention lately include NSFW (formerly the BBLive show by Brian Brushwood, Jake Bible’s Dead Mech, Greg Crites feed and great books,
I also want to mention some great podcasts that don’t run anymore but were great. The Calls for Cthulhu videocast was great as was How to Succeed at being Evil. I also used to listen to Tee Morris a lot, but not so much anymore. I also listened to Crescent, but when I caught up to the new releases at like 20 or 25, I stopped listening and never picked it back up, which sucks because it was only like a 30 episode run. I also listened to the Frosty Heidi and Frank show, but stopped a couple of months ago.
I won’t go through the rest of my podcasts one by one that I’ve ever listened to since this has been boring enough and I don’t want to take the thunder out of the newest podcast on the Mike Schmidt Podcasting Network, “Podcasting, Cars, and Me with Jay Leno.” I do want to mention just two more though since they are rather unique to my podcasting listening. The Wormword audiodrama has a full cast of voice actors. Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to it after their season break, but I will eventually. Also, the TED Talks from conference of the same name (I’m assuming). I heard about them from the webcomic LICD, and figured meah, but they have some really great academic stuff.
Sigh… I wanted to break down the 3 podcasts I listen to, talk about Mike Schmidt’s Rocky with a Blog, and my own podcasting past and future, but that seems like an unlikely feet for 60 words. I guess this is basically going to be a concept album of a week here on the Bloggaday.
Well, I can probably fit in Rocky with a Blog as long as I make it one really long paragraph. It’s a concept from Mike Schmidt, who will be blogging about his own venture in weightloss (I promise, despite the last few days, the Bloggaday won’t become that), but last time he tried starting it, I was one of the folks who challenged him. Him and a few of his listeners were going to kind of have a running competition with weigh-ins and whatnot. As I think I mentioned in an earlier Bloggaday, I lost a bit of weight, but plateaued. I kind got to the point of needing to “get into shape” rather than “losing weight.” I’ve been at that point since mid-March. When I got an email from Mike saying he was going to be restarting Rocky, I figured, ‘hey, this a great time to kick into the next phase.’ So, as the wheels start turning for Rocky with a Blog, it’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds, and hopefully, Schmidt won’t get injured this time round.*
I just want to end by saying that while I’m not that sore from yesterday’s workout, my legs took one hell of a beating. Since there is work afoot and lots of walking to do today, that may get a wee bit interesting.

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114 June 8

* While Mike Schmidt of Phillies fame was not terribly injury proned, Mike Schmidt of podcasting notoriety could apparently get hurt picking up a package at the Post Office.**

** And when I say “get hurt,” I of course mean get in a fight with a postal worker or random passer byer at the USPS store.

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