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Bloggaday 125 – Post-PWND The Funeral Job*

Bloggaday 125 – Post-PWND The Funeral Job*

The man covered the last step to the coffin with a catch in his throat. “I know how much you always loved this ball, and every time I looked at it, I just think about that time at the bar. I don’t know. I always figured I would give it to you sooner or later, so I guess this is my last chance.”

The boy watched from eyes that crowned the wooden back as the man pulled a drawer free from the paneling. He looked it over one last time before letting it roll from his fingers. As it bounced into the deafening fabric, he slid it closed. Drawing in a ragged breath, he rested his face in his hands for a moment. He gave the coffin a quick tap and turned back to the doors. As he made his way down the walk, the boy rolled under the rows of pews.

As he heard the doors shut, he popped out and dashed for the coffin. He started feeling around the polished wood when the door opened again. He spun around to a woman standing in the arches.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.”

As the woman started to back up, the boy said, “Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll just be another minute.” With a nod, she was gone, and he was back at work. He finally felt a pop, and a drawer spat out. He was already turning and shutting it as he snagged the ball. Sliding the ball into his pocket, he ran for the door. As he arrived, he paused. He straightened the worn and oversized suit as he took in a breath. Swinging the door open, he made his way out.

The woman gave him a warming smile and took the door from him. She pushed it wide and made her way into the room, but the boy continued to stare at her as he began to trot backwards, a smile creeping up his cheek.

A bump broke his attention before the door had a chance to intercept his view. He caught a glance of blonde before the priest approached him. The boy brushed his own hair from his eyes as the older man said, “Ah, hello, Eliot. I’m happy to see you. I didn’t know you knew Nate.”

The boy gave the man a nod before his eye plummeted to his feet. “Not well, but I wanted to say good bye. He was a good guy.”

The man gave an agreeing nod and said, “Yes. It’s a tragedy to lose anyone before they’ve seen twenty, but it is especially hard with someone like him.”

A moment passed in silence before the woman split the two. “Hello, Reverend. Do you mind if I talk to out boy here for a moment?”

“Go right ahead,” the father said, offering her the conversation with his hands before leaving.

“Alright, kid. I want the ball,” the woman whispered sharply.

“Ball?” He took a step back. “What ball, and who do you think you are?”

She took a step to keep up with him and said, “My name is Sophie, and I’m his sister, and somehow, I doubt he would have wanted you to have that ball.”

“Sister?” he questioned as he bumped into the wall.

“Well, half sister. Same father, but different mothers. We just met a few years ago.”

“Hey, what’s the deal?” a voice came from across the room and cut into the rambling.

The two looked to a small girl examining a baseball. The boy cocked his head and dug into his pocket only to pull free a knob from one of the church’s banisters. The pair took turns looking at the two spheres before the girl finally acknowledged the room. Her foot inched from the crowd before she fell backwards into a run.

Throwing the knob to the ground, the boy dashed after her, leaving the woman at the center of the eyes in the room. “Kids,” she shrugged and hurried after them. By the time she made her way out of the church, the boy was catching up with the girl in the clearing of the cemetery.

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