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Bloggaday 111 – A New Exercise Regime for Me. Viva la Revolution.

Bloggaday 111 – A New Exercise Regime for Me. Viva la Revolution.

This is part 2 of the Exercising run-on Bloggaday.
Day two after the workout and I’m still a wee bit sore. I’ve got to say, I’m actually rather happy with that. It’s something of a badge of honor. Means that I busted my ass… or I had lived such an insanely sedentary lifestyle, I could have gotten this sore busting a little MM on a well-done steak. While I prefer to think it’s the former, I suppose in the context of the latter, the former becomes true anyways.
I’ve got to say, the shadow boxing definitely made me appreciate what I’ve seen on UFC. I suppose I should explain my relationship with the UFC. I don’t watch much of it, but I’ve seen this season and last season’s Ultimate Fighter, which takes several MMA fighters, and the winner gets a six-figure contract with the UFC. I started watching it last season, which was the first season with nothing but heavyweights. I suppose that’s just a good season to get in on it.
Well, whenever I watched these guys fighting, it always surprised me how gassed they got. I mean, they’re all in such phenomenal shape, and after a few minutes in the ring, a lot of them were just dead. Towards the end, they weren’t holding their hands up anymore or anything.
Well, as I said yesterday, I took a couple of 8-pound weights and did my own little 5-minute spurts of shadowboxing, punching, moving around, and all of that. I’ve got to say, after that, I understand how just how physical it is. I wasn’t going to the ground or anything, so I’m guessing given my out-of-shapeness that’s enough to kind of make it a wash.
So I definitely have a much better appreciation of MMA fighting. Kudos, guys.
After that, I changed it up a bit. At first, I was just basically benchpressing the little weights that I had. Then in between, I started adding lying triceps extensions, or the best equivalent given the materials at hand. I must say through, I would clap the weights together before moving to the next one. I started doing it so that I had that extra half a second to keep my mind in it and make sure to take it if I needed a second. Basically, cheating if I needed to, but that’s just because I was keeping myself honest on the actual reps. I would go a far down as I could without resting my arms on the ground (I also no longer have a weight bench). So those were good. I must say though, on my last rep, I goofed a little. I could tell the song was rapping up, so I tried busting out a couple extra by going faster. I went for the bench press and started losing it. It wasn’t much weight, but my arm just started to jelly out on me with the sudden pickup in speed. I ended up kind of crushing my thumb on the other hand to keep it controlled.
As for the crunches, I only did 2 sets. For the later sets of all three exercises, I’m sure my form got pretty bad, but honestly, it was probably pretty bad to begin with. My crunches were probably pretty sad, but I still hammered them out for the entirety of the songs. I’m definitely, feeling it in my upper abs though. A testament to how high, or lack there of, I went for them. Towards the end of my last set of bench presses, I wasn’t as swift and straight with my movement. And the boxing? Let’s just say I was showing my button off a little more than I should have. I’ve got to say though, after all of that, I threw some freehanded punches, and they felt like nothing, and they were quick. That’s fun and makes ya feel good about yourself.
Hmm, I justified splitting this exercising Bloggaday up because I was going to talk more about The Ultimate Fighter and Mike Schmidt’s (of podcast and former stand-up fame) Rocky With a Blog, afterall, they are probably at least a little responsible for this, but I’m already at 600+ words, so guess what. The judges are letting it through to a third round. Tune in tomorrow, same Blaggaday page, same Bloggaday time*.

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