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Bloggaday 117 – Podcasting Part 3 of 3

Bloggaday 117 – Podcasting Part 3 of 3

This has been the age of the trilogy. My workout Bloggadays were a set of three. My leverage fic will also be three posts long. Today is the third and hopefully final Bloggaday post about podcasts.
I’m not only a consumer of podcasts, I’ve actually made a couple myself, and I plan on being involved in more in the future.
My first venture into podcasting was The Davidian Cast. It lasted 17 episodes up to the Halloween special, but then I just podfaded. The podcast included story content, poems, and I think even an essay or two towards the end there. Sadly, my urge to podcast got a little ahead of my writing. The actual story content was all a bunch of first-run junk that I scribbled out to get content up. You know what though, I did enjoy “3 The Sect of ZAP: Veli Origins” at
I have to warn you though, as the description says, it’s uniquely profanierfic. Veli is a character from a webcomic I wanted to start. Unfortunately, I’m not an artist, so I had to turn it into a series of vignettes. ZAP was the name of the story and “sect” was the tag for story content. It went with the motif that I was trying to set up for the podcast. I ended up using a site that offered a limited storage for free. I would have had to of start a new feed anyways.
That run lasted from August 9th 08 to October 31st 08. After something of a hiatus, I started The DJ Show June 14th in 09. Only a couple of episodes in, I ran into some problems. I tried continuing it on youtube, but it all became a bit too much hassle. I tried using ourmedia, which offers free, unlimited storage, but there were just way too many problems. My music videos were actually meant to advertise for the podcast (
Hopefully in the future, I can start the DJ Show back up when I actually have some good content for it. I might make it a Youtube exclusive show until I find a good, and preferably free, hosting site. That or I will just start a new feed everytime I fill the quota.
As I said earlier, I have hopes for my podcasting future. When I decided to kick off the Bloggaday, I figured I would start another podcast of me reading the Bible and adding my own thoughts and annotations. I figured I would be able to generate content for the Bloggaday pretty easy and quickly, but I haven’t done so yet, and I’m not sure if or when I’ll get around to it.
Lastly, I will be returning to the Sand Canyon Review to be their PR guy in the spring. Something I pushed for during class was that we start a podcast. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Since I’ll be the actual group leader next time, I’ll make sure it happens for the next issue. 500*

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