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Bloggaday 133 – That’s What She Said Part 1

Bloggaday 133 – That’s What She Said Part 1

The actual joke is towards the end so you can skip this. You can’t miss it.

A couple of semesters ago, I took a Soc 100 class. It was a fun class. Not too intense, so the teacher wasn’t too strict in class. That plus I had a buddy in class, it allowed me to be sniper funny, which is just my way of saying that I would be an asshole and drop devastatingly funny one-liners in class. Unfortunately, I hate disrupting class (that’s just the kind of guy I am), so I don’t do it often, and even in that class, I basically didn’t say it much louder than my corner of the class could hear.

In this class though, our corner was I, a guy who is, in fact, that guy (a friend I met in another class), his friend who was somewheres between our two personalities, and a few other folks who didn’t necessarily disagree with our humor.

I tell you that just to build some groundwork, but I have some stuff to add, so I’ll try to swing back before the end of this Bloggaday.*

I’ll also add that I didn’t really have the teen years where I was part of a group that focused on the stupid humor perfectly epitomized by the “That’s what she said (TWSS),” joke. I ran into a few folks like that at Crafton though, and that’s kind of who’s here in Sociology class.

I will also say, I’m the kind of guy who will latch onto something funny and choke it to death by extreme usage and drive it right into the ground. Hell, the day of me writing this, I actually did that particular thing. Back to the timeline of the joke though. The (TWSS) joke was one of the things that I felt I was using a little too much, so I started reining it in a little bit despite its relatively common current usage in the group.

So me, the guy I know (Carlos), and his friend (Joshua) are working on a group project. I was talking to the friend after class, but Carlos was just kind of floating in the classroom. I was supposed to meet Josh on a previous day and work with him on the project. Since he worked in the Writing Center, he knew the folks, and it was cool if we met in there. So I show up, stick my head in, and don’t see him there. The Computer Lab is right outside of the Writing Center though, so I call his cell and leave him a message. I figured I would go on the computer and be able to see if he came in. A good chunk of time passes and I end up leaving. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t check the Writing Center again before I left, but I don’t remember if I did or not, so I’m guessing I didn’t.

Back to the situation of us in the classroom. As I said, Carlos was never in this conversation. He wasn’t sitting in on the conversation either. He was just walking around the classroom. The snidbit went something like this

Me: I showed up and stuck my head into the writing center but I didn’t see you.

Josh: I was there talking to someone. You didn’t have to just stick your head in there. You could have come all the way in.

Carlos (literally pops in at an angle out of nowhere): That’s what she said.

The setup was so perfect, and the timing was impeccable. I don’t know if he heard me and made his way over to tell the joke, but his ability to pop in from nowhere was brilliant.

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of words yet again to get to some of my one-liners from class, but perhaps on a future installment of the Bloggaday.

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