Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloggaday 109 – The One and Only Journal Entry…?

Bloggaday 109 – The One and Only Journal Entry…?

It’s kind of funny. Actually, it’s not funny, but it seemed to be the proper cliché to open this Bloggaday right up.
I was asked about the Bloggaday once, and I tried to describe as me just writing something everyday. They couldn’t get away from the train of thought that it was a journal or diary of my day.
I didn’t really want to describe it as an essay everyday (which is a little bit closer to what I initially planned), but it really hasn’t been a journal of my life. And I never wanted it to be that. But guess what, that’s what Bloggaday is going to be today.
Yesterday didn’t exactly go… well? The morning was fine. Had some cereal for breakfast and I made some Sizzler toast (French bread grilled with a parmesan/butter spread) for lunch.
Unfortunately, I had problems sleeping, and it was after 12 before went to bed, so I’ll count that towards an iffy day.
It really started breaking bad at about 12 though, just after lunch. They started construction on my street to replace the water main. I moved my truck out of the coned area, but the fine folks decided, hey, lets cut across the cul-de-sac and trap everybody inside, something they didn’t post on their sign. So I had to arrange for a pick-up and take a different car.
Because of that, I had to leave a little later than I wanted for my appointment. Hmm, I haven’t talked about that yet. Before I could register for classes at CSUSB, I had to go to a 1:30 powerpoint orientation for the school. Before I showed up to that (which I was supposed to be there 10-15 minutes early), they wanted me to go to the book store and buy the class schedule and something they call a “bulletin,” which is what I need to follow to graduate. Well, when you find a parking spot 10 till 1:30, you don’t have time for that fancy book shoppin’.
It’s actually like 1:27, and I’m waiting for my elevator because I got off on the wrong floor. I get a call from the office to see if I’m coming. I’m of course the last person to get there, but nonetheless, I get there, and I sit through the presentation, which was more informative than I thought it would be.
From there I was suppose to go over to an advisory session. When I called, I wanted a faculty appointment, but she told me to do a walk-in. Well, I head over to the Social Behavior Building, 4th floor, room 426, the peer-advisory room, and the damn thing is locked. “…” was my thought.
Now the reason why I want a “faculty appointment” was because I thought I was in a particular department (psychology {an impacted major}) that required the appointment before registering for classes. So I figured I would go to the library and see if I can register.
Well that search in and of itself was a pain. The map that I had had like 30 points of interest, so I scanned it for “library” but didn’t see it. So I started heading to the extended learning center because that’s the closest thing I could find. As I’m walking, I try to find it on my iPhone, and sure enough, it’s like the John Favre Library (I don’t recall the name, but it’s close enough). Sure enough, now that I know what I was looking for, I find it on the map under his name.
Unfortunatel, my search for registration continues to crash and burn as you need a username and password to use their computers. Again, “…”
Again, I turn to my trusty iPhone, but it wasn’t connecting to the server for some reason, so no dice there either. I just say screw it and leave. That was the next hassle as I needed to get gas, and it’s a bit tricky to get on the freeway.
Luckily, I get home to find that I can register, but I also found out that I don’t like worms in a can. Ignorance is a much better place to hide. The CSUSB registration website it horrendous. I think it’s java or something, so you can’t open up different classes in different tabs as you can with the CHC website. You have to get to search through add instead of just through search. I won’t go into more detail then to say I timed out, couldn’t sign back in, and had to go back to it later.
I am registered for a few classes, but I’ve got a faculty appointment for next Tuesday, so I’ll get it all squared away and finalized after that.
Well, sorry folks, future Bloggadays won’t be journals like this. They may be rants like this, but… … …

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