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Bloggaday 122 – The Clipshow 1.1

Bloggaday 122 – The Clipshow 1.1

And finally, the first Trigady’s clipshow. It looks like I’m going to break it up into two posts though, so here’s the first part. 500 words of original content

“Oh, Bloggaday, you tainted whore of a concept. Every day. One year. 500 words. 17 poor bastards who will randomly stumble upon this.”

I suppose it’s only right to start this special Bloggaday the same way the Bloggaday itself started. That’s the only great stuff from the First Bloggaday though.

“Granted I didn’t see the live action adaptation to my first anime, Dragonball Z, but I just didn’t want to actually watch my childhood be diddled by a white guy in a modern, urban setting, without crazy animal people. And really, if I wanted to sit through an hour and a half of my childhood getting touched in all the wrong places, at least give me a Japanese guy and crazy animal people laughing and pointing while he goes to town.”

I thought I would give that quote from the second Bloggaday without that first clause, but it’s bad enough with it in there. If you don’t know about Dragonball Z, then just stop shaking your head and continue reading. If you are familiar with it, you can continue nodding with that grin, but it’ll probably make reading harder.

A quick intro. He just threw his alarm clock. “They” = hands. “As the sound continued, they clawed at a pillow and tried to push it through his face. As he tried to smother his consciousness, a new pounding offered a syncopated pain to compliment the alarm’s monotonous drone.”

“The pillow offered a tighter seal, but lyrics came through, “Get your ass up, or turn the alarm off! If you make me, I’ll do both with escalating levels of violence.””

That bit of fiction content came from the Bloggaday and the very first PWND.

“Once we left there, we heard about EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we went to EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we got good seats to EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… Then we saw The Boulder at EARTH… RUMBLE… SIX… The Boulder was awesome, even if he did get beat by a buff girl. But guess who beat that girl? I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I walked out of the arena with the belt around my waist.”

A quick jump to Bloggaday 7. It’s a project that I call TheAvatarJourney where I basically turn each episode of a show into a blog and twittering written by the characters of the show. I love doing it but just don’t find the time to do them. This one was Sokka from Avatar, which was the funnest of the characters to do.

“I would give you all examples from my own closet, but I’m lazy. Also, that vain thing. Hay! Sloth and Pride all in one post. I only got wrath in on the first PWND edition ( of this bliggity bloggaty. Instead of giving you spoiled random bastards another 350 words, I’ve got some videos streaming that I have to tend to. Ha, Lust. 3 for 1! That’s one of the videos by the way. “

From Bloggaday 8. I talked about the vanity of modern clothing, but got into that tangent of the 7 deadly sins.

“So now the picture is me, huddled in a huge jacket and snow hat, big scarf and all toasty (interesting mental image that I get, since I have none of those things),”

We’re really starting to leapfrog here as that little snidbit was from Bloggaday 12 – SitCom VideHos… or is it HoVids?.

“Ha, stupid leap year. I laugh at you and your stupid orthopedic correctional shoes.”

A line from Bloggaday 15, a bs’ed Bloggaday about how there won’t be anymore bs in the Bloggaday. I’d call myself naïve, but that was the point of the post.

“Ah, another day, another Blogga. But what ever shall I write about? Maybe I should do one about a huge global event. Something that doesn’t happen too often, but is still a huge cultural event, relevant even being thousands of years old. Now, I don’t want to write this piece before it starts. I suppose doing it in the middle wouldn’t be acceptable. I’d probably want to do this a few days after it ends so I could be fashionably late.

So what could I write about? Hey look, I’m already at 100 words. See you tomorrow.”

The entirety of Bloggaday 17, posted a few days after the Olympics ended.


The Farmer in the Lady’s Night

A farmer walked down the foreign street,

But could not see a single stalk of wheat

Sunset, a girl said to him.

Ten gets ya BDSM

But he replied, Cow! Not Bean D’rived Soy Meat!”

The limerick I came up with that inspired my shirt up on zazzle from Bloggaday 18

“Grammer Nazi-ism after talking about BDSM yesterday? Must be Bloggaday”

Ooo, the twitter tag of Bloggaday 19 is reaching from beyonf the folder grave to get people to read old Bloggadays.

“Hello, My name is Bond James Bond Dysart. No, I’m not trying to be clever. My parents were huge 007 fans, and they actually named me: first name – Bond, middle name – James, second middle name – Bond, and last name – Dysart.

I don’t know, sounds like child cruelty to me. A while back I decided to shorten it and just go by BJ. It’s the damndest thing though; all my friends say I make a great birthday present.”

From Bloggaday 20, which was also the first appearance of the “Listening to” and “Twitter Tag” tags that now close out all of my Bloggadays.

“Street: 4

David: 1

In yo face street.”

Skipping all the way to Bloggaday 42, this quote came from the second of two Bloggadays about the fall I took from the car.

“That’s it for me boys and girls. Until tomorrow, I will say this is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

The closing line for Bloggaday 46. I did it because Sparta was the 300th word on the post.

“Come, just do it. ;.-(

See you made emoticon me cry. I hope you’re happy. I bet that makes you feel really big. Good job.

Ha! I got you! Emoticon me laughs at you! :-o :-) :-o :-) ha ha! In yo face. You should have just reread it when I asked you to.”

An excerpt from Bloggaday 47, the avatar cosplayer cast. You kind of have to go back and read the Bloggaday and see what was going on.

“As you may have noticed, I’ve been throwing some wicked gang signs in the last couple .5 Piccaday pictures. Well, don’t be ignorant. I’ve been watching Naruto.

The .5’er gang signs. Representin. Leaf Side. Four Tribe Life”

Bloggaday 48 described the piccadays surrounding that post where was doing hand signs.

“The words waltzed on the browning paper. Their movements flowed to the score of a spoon’s clacking of Aaron’s emptied cup. The two continued in symphony as his eyes followed the movement. He had long-since been accustomed to this particular piece, and it offered no obstacle.”

Another PWND edition, this time filling my quota for Bloggaday 52.

“Well, /rant. Have a good Saturday.”

Coming from Bloggaday 62, my first Bloggaday rant.

“That is what I actually want to listen to. I’m not much of a racecar fan. My farmer tan ain’t that bad yet.”

From Bloggaday 64, talking about Madhouse and Ax Men

“A Psychologist’s Resume: Involved in One of the Largest Surveys Ever Administered”

Straight from the title of Bloggaday 65. It harolded my employment with the Census Bureau

“As he made his way into the ocean, a storm was brewing, brewing not in the air, where human society could see, but deep in the ocean where not even the mermaids could see. No mermaid except for one, the royal princess of the thousand mermaids that had survived the brutal and unforeseen storm that nearly wiped out them all out in 1997.”

Straight from the absurdity of PWND, Bloggaday 66. You’ll have to read it if you want to make some sense out of it.

“Now, I don’t usually feature too harsh of language on Bloggaday, but I also don’t shy away from it. Given the nature of the movie, I think I am somewhat compelled to spotlight some language that might otherwise be considered impolite and uncivilized.”

From Bloggaday 70, this quote sums up my philosophy on language in the Bloggaday.

“Spoon-fed Analogies are only at the Bloggaday”

My twitter tag from 70

Listening to

Ridiculousness by Persons Unknown

Twitter Tag

A clipshow on a Blog? Ridiculous! Well, not on the Bloggaday*

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*Well, it’s still ridiculous, but ridiculous be damned, I’m still doing clipshows.

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