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Bloggaday 110 – A New Exercise Regime for Me. Viva la Dictatorship.

Bloggaday 110 – A New Exercise Regime for Me. Viva la Dictatorship.

Yesterday, I said I didn’t want the Bloggaday to turn into a journal, and I don’t think this would classify as a “journal.” It’s more of the same, just some personal anecdotes and unique social perspectives, blah, blah, blah.
Since about August of last year, I’ve been trying to lose weight. Well, I lost about 35-40 pounds and have since plateaued, so now I’m basically moving from losing weight to getting in shape.
Over the last few months, I’ve dabbled in exercising. I go through fits of more and less exercising, but I’ve been rather successful so far. Unfortunately, I’ve been in something of an exercise slump as of late: a few pushups here, a couple of crunches there with an occasional jog up to the local grocer (and I mean really local). Tuesday I went for a jog, and I’ve got to say, I am way too out of shape. Maybe 10 minutes? Probably not even that.
But ahha, I did a rather fun little exercise thing yesterday. Granted, I’ll improve on it next time, maybe get some leg exercises in it, but I think it was a good start. Plus, it was fun, which is a major selling point for me, since I bore rather easily. One example is planks (here if you don’t know what a plank is -> Not that hard to hold physically, but I don’t have the patience or the disciplined mind to do it for an extended period of time. I get in my head, and I don’t usually hold it for long.
With the groundwork laid, onto the actual Bloggaday content. I decided to play a song and then do a particular workout for the duration of the song, and considering I used AC/DC songs, we’re looking at 5 minute songs. Well, 7 AC/DC because that’s all I have at the moment. The last 4 were Rock Sugar Band (And again, if you don’t know Rock Sugar, you have to go here ->
Anyways, this started really, because I don’t have a punching bag anymore. I’ve been wanting to get out working it a little bit, and without that option, I figured the next best thing was to do a little shadowboxing with some 8-pound weights I have. I’m a music junkie myself, so I put some music on. I was about half way through Shoot to Thrill, so I figured I would do it until the song was over.
After that, I figured, why not continue? I sure as hell can’t so pushups for 5 minutes straight, so I decided to bench press the weights, but I broke them up with lying tricep extensions. To close out the trifecta, I did crunches for the third song.
As your math indicated earlier, I did 11 songs, repeating those three “sets” accordingly. Unfortunately, I had to do something, so I had to short before I did the next crunch set.
All in all, it was about 45 minutes, and here is the breakdown. I’m already over my wordcount, so I’ll try to go into more detail next time since I have some more related points to hit.

So yesterday

1 – Shadow Boxing (Shoot to Thrill 5:18{last half})
2 – Bench Press + Lying Triceps Extension (T.N.T. 3:36)
3 – Crunches (Big Balls 2:42)
4 – Shadow Boxing (Back in Black 4:14)
5 – Bench Press + Lying Triceps Extension (Highway to Hell 3:30)
6 – Crunches (For Those About to Rock 5:48)
7 – Shadow Boxing (Thunderstruck 5:54)
8 – Bench Press + Lying Triceps Extension (Here Comes the Fool You Wanted 5:35)
9 – Crunches (Straight to Rock City 4:12)
10 – Shadow Boxing (Crazy Girl 3:47)
11 – Bench Press + Lying Triceps Extension (I Love Sugar On Me 3:33)

I wrote this all last night, but as a note from this morning, I’m a wee bit sore, especially my upper stomach.

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Reimaginator by Rock Sugar (liked the video? Go to their website ->

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