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Bloggaday 263 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 1

Bloggaday 263 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 1

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to the 23rd, yes the 23rd edition of the Song of the Week. With me is Tome, and I am of course, Chuck.

Tom: Nice, Chuck. You’re getting your groove back finally.

Chuck: Thanks, Tom.

Tom: Well, I’m just glad to have you back to normal, well, as normal as you’re going to get.

Chuck: Well, things are going good for me. My wife came back from her sister’s, I made my official last bet and made a killing betting on the Raiders, AND-

Tom: Yeah, that’s nice and all, but we should just get on with the SotW, don’t you think?

Chuck: All right. Let’s get going. What news do you have on this week’s music front?

Tom: Well, this week we have 3 new songs, coming all the way from Nashville.

Chuck: ???

Tom: They’re country songs, Chuck.

Chuck: Whatever happened to Apple songs? I thought we were going through the best songs featured iPod commercials.

Tom: We were. We are, but we’re taking a break for some different songs for a while.

Chuck: So, we’re going back to the Apple songs?

Tom: Yes… Maybe… Eventually… Definitely… We’ll get to them.

Chuck: Well, what songs are going for our spot this week?

Tom: The new songs on the block this week are…

“Dust on the Bottle” by David Lee Murphy

“Why” by Jason Aldean

and “Cowboy” by Kid Rock

Chuck: Not a terrible lineup for this week.

Tom: Yeah, but “Why” and “Dust on the Bottle” performed rather dismally so there was a clear winner this week.

Chuck: And that winner is?

Paul: dududududududududududu

Tom: “Cowboy” by Kid Rock

Chuck: Is this the first appearance of “Cowboy” on the Bloggaday?

Tom: Weeellllll… It almost got downloaded back with the second wave of Youtube Songs.

Chuck: Youtube songs?

Tom: Back with songs like “I Want to be a Billionaire,” “Black Betty,” and “Bodies.”

Chuck: Oh, okay. So I just must have heard about it back then.

Tom: Weeellllll…

Chuck: What?

Tom: A line from “Cowboy” was also used for the Post Up Second Trigady.

Chuck: Really? I don’t remember that.

Tom: Yeah, it was From the nest in the hills chillin’ with Flynt”

Chuck: Okay, that does sound familiar now. So why such the gap?

Tom: Weeellllll…

Chuck: You like doing that, don’t you?

Tom: Yeah, I think I might work it in as a Tom Standard.

Chuck: a “Tom Standard?”

Tom: Stuff that I do a lot, like on each SotW or on a bulk of them at least.

Chuck: Hmm… I could do that too. Do you have any “Tome Standards” yet?

Tom: This is a written blog. You don’t have to do the air quotes, Chuck. I’m sure Paul can figure it out.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you have any, or is this something you’re just starting?

Tom: No, I actually have few already, but we’re out of words, so I’ll have to talk about it next time.

Chuck: Next week or as a part 2?

Tom: Well, we do have to announce the week-long thing anyways, so we’ll just make a part two to this week.

Chuck: All right. Well, Bloggaday Readers, we hope you enjoyed part 1 of Song of the Week 23. Come back part 2. I am Chuck.

Tom: I’m Tom.

Chuck: Have a great day everyone.

Even though I’ve already

name an SotW for 23,

tomorrow is part 2

Listening to

The Strangers

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SotW 23 is dropping last and staying long, but it’s still a “Cowboy,” only on Bloggaday

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

263 November 4

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