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Bloggaday 278 – Wall: 3 David: 1

Bloggaday 278 – Wall: 3 David: 1


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Since I just posted a WEEK of fiction content, NO PWND FOR YOU!

A few weeks ago, I declared my triumph over the rock wall. If you missed the tale, then you can go read it at and If that’s too much hassle though, you can just wait for the Lifetime movie that I’m will be made of it in the very near future. If that’s STILL too much work, then let me break it down for you.

This is a story all about how

My Belay got flipped-turned upside down

And I liked to take a minute just hang right there

And tell you how I became the pimp of a Rock called “The Wall”

In Southern California born and raised

In front of the TV is where I spent most of my days

Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool,

Okay… I’m not going to finish that. Though, if you want a Bloggaday song parody, may I direct you over to It’s a parody of Alicia’s Key’s “Teenage Love Affair” and Naruto Manga. I have a couple more in the works for future Bloggadays as well.

Anyways… I’ve recently taken up rock climbing. The two times I had tried it before in my life, I had failed miserably. When I tried it this year though, I did pretty well. I’ve gone a couple more times since then, but I’ve started to lean more towards bouldering.*

The wall is 35 feet tall, and so far I’ve done easy, which is purple, but that’s the only solid color I’ve done. The next hardest is orange, which I haven’t been able to do, but I’ve cheated and used the yellow as well as the orange to make it up. I did the same with the blue/yellow. The brown section isn’t bad until you get towards the top where you have to wedge you hands into the crack and work your way up like that. I’ve gotten to that point twice, but have yet to do it.

As I said though, I’ve been shying away from the belayed climb though.** Bouldering is more fun, and I’m not super awesome great with heights, so after going a couple of times and not scaling up the whole wall, I think I got a bit in my own head about it.

Sadly though, all of this is not how Wall changed the score from “2 and 1” to “3 and 1.” The thing that caused that was my utter suckage apparently. I went with a few people Thursday,*** and I failed… rather epicly too.

I did a purple (easy) climb without TOO much trouble. Then I tried orange and failed. Next up? Brown. Failed that too, but I think it might be a while before I can to that crack climb anyways. At this point, I just wanted to do something I knew I could, so I tried the blue/yellow combo and couldn’t even do that.

Well, I wanted to do something I knew I could.**** I went to do purple one last time. I barely even got on the wall. I tried several times and couldn’t even get to the bouldering line that dictates the point where you need a harness. 0_o 0_- 0_o 0_- 0_o. That was supposed to be a twitch. I failed to do even that completely and thoroughly; it was just depressing. I just had absolutely no grip strength. I don’t know how though.

Well, I’m a bit over my word count, so that is all. Good bye.

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* Bouldering is staying under 12 feet, so you don’t need a harness and you can go across the wall.

** Belayed climbing is when someone has your rope

*** This would be November 4th. This won’t actually be posted for a long time though.

**** I feel like I just said this. I don’t know why…

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