Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloggaday 291 – Roller Skating and a Pirate Adventure: A Bloggaday Double Feature pt 1

Bloggaday 291 – Roller Skating and a Pirate Adventure: A Bloggaday Double Feature pt 1

So I went roller-skating for the first time in my life Saturday. Now, many moons ago I owned a pair of inline rollerblades. I was but a wee lad. Now I’m 6’2” and a buck-80. That fall didn’t sound like terribly fun, but I decided to go anyway.

I was very nervous about doing it on quads,* but I figured, what the hell? I ended up a bit unstable but the wheels weren’t as loose as I had thought, so it wasn’t THAT bad… standing. Then I moved onto the skating rink, which was… interesting. I think for about 70% of the time, I looked like a ninja getting attack by a swarm of evil bee-wasp hybrids.

I will say, it is much easier when you’re going fast. You don’t really have to worry about balance that way. The problem with that though is you get tired too fast. Also, turns suck. My Awesome Sweatband of Awesomeness was doing a fantastic job at keeping me from falling.** That is until the “incident…”

We were wrapping up; I was even unlacing my skate when Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” came on. For some reason or another, we HAD to go back out one last time. I tie back up and head on out… without my super Awesome Sweatband of Awesomeness…

I was doing well, finishing strong when a kid hopped in front of me. Even if I had any ability to stop in those things, there’s no way I could have done so in time. So I was left with two options: drop an elbow on the kid and ride her down or dive off to the side and eat some wood floor to avoid her. I did the noble thing and took the fall. What can I say? I’m just a great guy.

Well, the fall wasn’t THAT terrible, but I did a number on my shoulder. I was supposed to go to a yoga class the next morning, but I tried just getting on the ground when I woke up and couldn’t do it. I was able to do yoga Monday afternoon though for my CSUSB class though. After that, I went to a meet up with some friends to do some wall climbing, but it didn’t end up being much of a problem.

When we were at the roller skating place, one of us won a free trip back with twenty people, so that will be fun. It’ll be in about a month, so that’s the next time I’ll go. Hmm, when I started writing this, I figured it would only be half of a Bloggaday so I decided to make it a double feature, but I guess I didn’t really need to do that***


The fall resulted in a 4+-inch bruise on my shoulder. ****

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* Insert witty doggy-style joke here

** I got my Awesome Sweatband of Awesomeness because I didn’t have any short-shorts to skate in^

*** But I’ve already written the title, so I’m still going to call it a double feature.

**** Eerily close to where one would wear a badge……

^ … Because… you know… you have to have one or the other…^^

^^ Right?

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