Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloggaday 288 – SotW 27 pt 1

Bloggaday 288 – SotW 27 pt 1

In A Gadda Da Vida


Iron Butterfly



Ozzy Osborne

Let Me Hear You Scream


Ozzy Osborne

Suicide Solutions


Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: Hello and wel-

Tom: It’s okay, Chuck… I’ve got this. Hello and welcome to Tom and Chuck’s Song of the Week. I am, of course Tom, and with me is my little-known co-host, Chuck. Thank you for reading this and tolerating him.

Chuck: This is because of that Disney tweet Bloggaday, isn’t it?

Tom: Oh, you mean when Bloggaday Author, David Dysart said, and I quote, “so it’ll go until the next Song of the Week with Tom and Chuck.”

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s just get on with it.

Tom: What? The SotW or the passing of the torch?

Chuck: The Song of the Week, you id

Tom: So we had an interesting week this week.

Chuck: Why is that?

Tom: Well, our leading song of the week dropped the ball, so much so that it’s even lost its spot in the “Purchase” playlist.

Chuck: That cleared up… absolutely nothing.

Tom: Well, I’ll get more to that in a little bit. First up, we have our first new song vying to be our next SotW.

Chuck: All right then.

Tom: First up, we have…

In A Gadda Da Vida


Iron Butterfly

Chuck: Is this going to be another week of rock?

Tom: Well, it’s more metal. Our next 3 songs are all Ozzy songs.

Chuck: Meah, there are six styles of music.

Tom: Is that so? And what are these 6, my Great Music Sage

Chuck: Well, first off, we have Rock.

Tom: And this would include metal, grunge, punk, and stuff like that?

Chuck: Yeah and some of that alternative stuff they have nowadays.

Tom: And next?

Chuck: Well, there’s Country.

Tom: I’m guessing there’s a bit of overlap of Country and Rock.

Chuck: Yeah, but there’s enough difference there that it’s two separate genres there.

Tom: And what’s the third genre?

Chuck: Uh, next I would say is R&B.

Tom: And what would be included in R&B?

Chuck: Rap, hip hop, jazz, swing, blues, and all of that stuff.

Tom: Mhmm. And next?

Chuck: Well, next would be Classical.

Tom: And probably anything with an orchestra I’m guessing?

Chuck: Yep.

Tom: And then?

Chuck: Well, pop of course.

Tom: Well, of course. Was that it?

Chuck: Actually, there’s one more.

Tom: Really? Rock, Country, R&B, Classical, and Pop doesn’t cover every single song ever produced?

Chuck: I know. I used to think that those were the only five, but I recently added one.

Tom: And what would that be?

Chuck: International.

Tom: Oh, I can see why that didn’t come to you at first. It’s kind of a narrow genre.

Chuck: Yeah, I know, right?

Tom: Well, we’re not going to have enough time to get to the songs.

Chuck: Well, we’ll just going to have to get to it tomorrow. As for you, Bloggaday Readers, thank you for joining us for another edition of the Song of the Week. Tomorrow will rap up Song of the Week 27.

Tom: Have a great day, everyone.

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Burn Notice

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Have you ever wondered what the 6 genres of music are? Well then you Song of the Week 27, only on Bloggaday

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