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Bloggaday 269 – FU: pt 2

Bloggaday 269 – FU: pt 2

To honor the passing of Halloween and the beginning of NaNoWriMo,* I’m posting a week of fiction content. I haven’t spaced out the fiction to know exactly how many days it will be, but of course, the SotW will continue as scheduled.

Villagers had began amassing in the center of the village, falling upon the beast’s path, but they did nothing but offer their bodies up as fodder to the beast’s rampage. Arrows bounced off its skin without marring it, fire merely blackened its misshapen body, and swords crumpled in its massive fists. Twice as tall as any opponent, it cut down villagers and reprieved the murders with the crushing of cottages and shacks. Taking patience with the destruction, it set fire to whatever rubble remained after its wreckage and laughed a sickly cackle at the sight.

Away from its break, the thing turned its attention to the villagers again. A group of men, each one worstly aged for the fighting than the one before stood in the creature’s path. A man emerged from the group and called out the beast, “You! Leave this village, and we will spare your life.”

The moving mountain let out another laugh that echoed throughout the valley. With a timber that shook the rock beneath their feet, it spoke, “And who are you to speak to me like that? You let half your village burn before threatening me with boys and feeble men.”

“I am Ivan of the house of Tyre, and I am the leader of this village. You shall leave this place now and craw back into whatever hell you managed to escape,” the white-haired man called. He drew a notched sword from a sheathless belt and took a step towards the enormous thing before him.

Rocks fell from the beast’s cracking cheeks as another smile took its face. “Well, Igor of Tile, I am the Hellbeast, Granitos, and I shall grind this village into the dusts of the earth. For your success in amusing me, I shall make your death alone swift.” The beast brought the sword to the sky, but the smile on its face died as it let out a cry of pain.

The creature brought its arm down, the sword falling from it limply. A wooden shaft tipped with a black point and green feathers stuck out of the cracks of its elbow, spearing it completely through.

The beast lashed out at Ivan and sent him flying back to the group of men. It spun from them to the decimated portion of the village.

A man on horseback strode through the fiery wreckage with a bow in his hand. With a few buildings between the two, he pulled his horse to a stop. Fire from the village gave his articulated golden armor a glow and irradiate his dark hair a brilliant green.

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269 November 10

* National Novel Writing Month

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