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Bloggaday 262 – FU pt 1

Bloggaday 262 – FU pt 1

Fiction: Untitled pt 1

With “The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular” ending on part 18 October 13th, Bloggaday 241, I have been curious what my new project would be.

I had options, though. Before the Christmas Spectacular, I was working on my series of novels about angels that was a lot of fun. If memory serves, I had over 50k of content* spread over the 3 books, but most it was on the 2nd book.

At the moment, I have the one section done, and it came in at just under 3,000 words. The first 250 end with a little time break, so I might need to flush that out a bit though. Also, it’s basically a Xylon POV chapter despite the following 250 being a little sketchy on that though. Given the jump of time, it’s not unreasonable** that he’s watching.

I’ll be honest, this chapter is a bit brutal. I don’t plan on making the rest of the story like this, but developing antagonists require unpleasantries sometimes.

Clouds dimmed the valley, but the sky made no promise of rain. Sharing the view of the impotent cover, Xylon watched from atop the cliff as the horrid creature reached the first farmers of the village. He had been tracking the brute for days. This little quest took him away from his task, but it would be worth it… and of course, it would be fun.

Barely breaking stride, the thing unsheathed from its back a monstrous sword bigger than even the peasants in the field. At the sight of it, they ran, leaving half-harvested crops, but despite the creature’s size, it ran each one of them down and cut through each with a single slash.

With the farmers fertilizing the crops with a thick crimson, the monster charged into the buildings that rose from the landscape, foregoing doors and just running through the walls. It leveled them with a grin on its stone-skinned face as cries murmured from the rubble. Stalks were shredded as it turned from the destruction and continued towards the village in a full sprint.

With a nod, Xylon gave the reigns a pull and his horse a “Ch Ch.” As the creature continued to gain separation, he started down the mountain and further from the sunlight. Though his horse fought to keep up, the abomination bulled through a carriage, leaving not even the horses unmangled. The trail down the mountain swerved against the village and the stone beast escaped Xylon’s view.

* I want to say it was more like 75, but I don’t recall, and my count that estimated it, wasn’t terribly thorough.

** Despite what my Social Science English teacher says, “not unreasonable” has the perfect waffling characteristic that’s need sometimes.

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