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Bloggaday 277 – FU: pt 7

Bloggaday 277 – FU: pt 7

Xylon cut through the first two before the others managed to their feet and another two before they started their scramble. He turned towards the man cowering on the floor and said, “With me on my horse. You will watch this. You will also make yourself useful with this information you promised”

The man nodded as he made it to his feet. He scrambled after Xylon despite the warrior’s leisurely pace. “Yes, my lord. Should we not hurry? There are many villagers, and our group was merely meant to slow the rock abomination down for their escape.”

Without turning, Xylon spoke, I’m feeling generous, but you will find that for every time you give me advice I have not demanded from you, I will take a knuckle from a finger.”

“Of course, my lord. My sincerest apologies.”

“And an entire finger for every attempt on my life.”

“You needn’t threaten for such an atrocity. I would never do anything of the sort to my lor-“

Xylon stopped, the man bumping into him before the warrior turned to him. “And that will cost you the first knuckle. You may wish to refrain from talking until you manage to form some amount of intelligence in the useless head of yours.”

The man fell to knees and said, “My apologies, my lord. I shall remain quiet until you command otherwise.”

“Remove yourself from your damned knees. I have much work to do.”

“Of course, my lord.”

And there you go. 2,800 words of fresh fiction content. This was introducing on of the big, bad baddies of my new story. Unfortunately, the story isn’t very flushed out yet, but I kind of hint at a couple more characters. Since I still have 200 words to fill, I’ll just copy and paste what I started to write about

Ivan was the previous general of the kingdom’s army. He did something against the laws that would usually result in death (Cowardly acts in battle?), but due to his position and relationship with the king, he was simply exiled from the royal army and banished to his home village where he became the village leader.

His Nephew (probably raised as a son) is currently the 3rd or so in command of the army. A messenger brings news to him, and the king allows him to go with a small detachment despite reports that the beast that slaughtered the village was killed. He convinces the king to “recruit whoever was strong enough to defeat the thing” as well as the king giving him the benefit of the doubt despite his reservation of it being a waste of time. Kingdom currently at war with another empire?

Another character:

Lucifer’s Deal

Made a deal with the devil of the kingdom’s religion. He lost his soul, but was given superhuman power. The loss of the soul lead to his lack of any morals, or feelings. His rampage for would-be world conquest didn’t offer him any satisfaction, so he stole another’s soul. He stole the soul of a pacifist, so it calmed him considerably.

Th th th th that’s all folks!

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