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Bloggaday 283 – Rocky Mountain Fresh Horror pt 1

Bloggaday 283 – Rocky Mountain Fresh Horror pt 1

Oh, it’s been crazy for the Bloggaday lately. The Second Great Trigady was a bit hectic. I had to pull out a couple of posts I had on reserve like the Caption Narratives, but it allowed me to get a week ahead since I was writing the 10 posts of The Second Great Trigady the week before I posted it along with the regularly scheduled posts.

After The Second Great Trigady, the next two posts were about the brand new Post-up (seen at the end of every post). Half of that was coming up with the new look, and the other half was mostly crazy narrative, so those weren’t exactly normal Bloggadays. The next two were about climbing a rock wall and were similar with the Post-up posts before. The 10 posts of the Second Great Trigady were a clipshow, so those aren’t normal posts either. After that, it’s 6 SotW posts,** and then It’s going to be a week of fiction content. If you want to go before that, I posted a couple of school papers, some Train of Thought posts, and the whole Carl’s Jr. Trial saga.

That’s a month of Bloggaday content that is very dissimilar to my normal writing, so it’s just kind of weird. I’m out of rhythm to the Bloggaday me thinks. I’m sure I have plenty of regular Bloggaday content, I just haven’t been able to get to it in a while.

In non-Bloggaday life, I got slammed with midterms,* papers, and Locke-12 steps, further confounding my time. Add on to that, rock climbing, which sucks up my time to write between my 12-1:00 class and 4:00-6:00 class and the fact that I’m doing stuff from like 3-the night on Thursdays, and all kinds of other stuff, and I’m just busier than normal.

The new release schedule has also been odd. Going to a weekly release rather than a daily one is odd. I’m not writing a single Bloggaday every single day. I’m much more reliant on getting a couple done one day to cover for another day. That writing time between classes I mentioned earlier has been iatrical with this, so it scares me that I’m losing that time.

I’ve also gotten lackadaisical with the Piccaday. When I posted them everyday, I only missed pictures when I was on trips. I made a mistake or two when I move to the weekly release schedule, but then I started not even posting them once a week. It’s been a month since I’ve posted any pictures, and I know I’ve missed several days. It’s just not as on my mind when I’m never doing anything with the pictures. I have no idea how many days I’ve missed or which ones. I’ve literally done absolutely nothing with them for that month.

Without the Piccaday pairing up with the Bloggaday, it has saved me a ridiculous amount of time, but I no longer get to put my picture in the daily Bloggaday posts. Also to go to the wasteside during the end of the Second Great Trigady was the date and Bloggaday number at the end of the posts. It was just getting a bit hectic, and I was losing track of the dates associated with each post because I was doing a dozen or so at once. The posts also didn’t use many annotations and The Second Great Trigady wasn’t very Final Thought-friendly which means I’m getting use to not having that time sink, so now I’m just babbling, so I’ll move on.

Well, I wasn’t going to go into those last 600 words. I’ll end the post here and get to my point next time.

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Symphonies by Dan Black, the only song I’ve seen as a free song and free music video on iTunes (not to mention that both are just great).

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* One midterm was a cakewalk, and one was tough. As of writing this, I don’t know my score for the latter.

** 4 ½ of which I’ve written so far

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