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Bloggaday 268 – SotW 24: Sweet Child o’ Mine pt 2

Bloggaday 268 – SotW 24: Sweet Child o’ Mine pt 2

Chuck: And hello once again, Blogghaday Readers. We’ll be wrapping part 2 of Song of the Week 24 in this, Bloggaday 268. Wow, Tom, there’s less than 100 Bloggadays left until the end of the Bloggaday.

Tom: Yep, Chuck, but since we can’t actually

Chuck: That’s pretty good of you, Tom.

Tom: Not really, just don’t really care about how many Bloggadays are left.

Chuck: You probably should. If it doesn’t get picked up for another year, then we’re both out of a job.

Tom: Ooh, yeah. I bet that sucks when you have a gambling problem like yours.

Chuck: Hey, I haven’t gambled since before SotW 230. That’s over a month!

Tom: Anyways…

Chuck: So, yeah, we should recap our 4 songs for this week.

Tom: First up,

“Sweet Child O’ Mine”


Amanda M James

“Sweet Child O’ Mine”



“Sweet Child O’ Mine”



And lastly,

“Sweet Child O’ Mine”


Myles Kennedy w/ Mother... effin Slash

Chuck: Now, last week, we didn’t get to talk about that last cover. Is there anything you can tell us about it? If memory serves, Slash is IN Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Tom: Yes, well, Slash has his own album, and on it, he worked with different artists. Myles Kennedy was the artist that did “Sweet Child O’ Mine with Slash on acoustic guitar.

Chuck: All right so… Wait, the Guns N Roses version of the song isn’t even considered for the Song of the Week???

Tom: Well, like you said, it’s a week of listening to the same song in 4-song bursts. There’s not a lot of room for even more of the SAME EXACT SONG. Besides, the Freya and Asher version of the song doesn’t really change the composition, so it’s not a big deal.

Chuck: Yeah, but I’m guessing Asher is no Slash.

Tom: Well, no one’s no Slash.

Chuck: Tru-

Tom: Wait, is Asher the guitarer for that ensemble?

Chuck: Hmm, I don’t know. I just assumed. Plus, it’s “guitarist.”

Tom: We’re getting in on something that I don’t care about, so I guess I’ll just on with the announcement of the SotW.

Chuck: Fire at will.

Tom: This week’s song is…

Paul: dududududududududu

Tom: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”



Chuck: Really?

Tom: Wow, way to congratilate an SotW winner, Chuck.

Chuck: I’m sorry. Congratulation to our winner this week. I just figured with the whole effing Slash thing, IT would be the song this week.

Tom: Well, that’s not a bad assumption. The Kennedy/Slash did get the top play spot followed by the Freya cover with vkgoaswild’s piano cover breaking up the role of female singer between that as Amanda’s acoustic cover. That piano cover though ended up being better or at least more unique than Kennedy’s version of it though.

Chuck: Well, again I apologize to ckgoeaswild.

Tom: You should.

Chuck: I was just surprised at which song got the pick this week. And with that, I would like to thank our readers for joining us for another Song of the Week. Join us all this week for fresh fiction content every day.

Tom: Have a great week, everybody.

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Chargers v Houston (I’m still watching it, but I’ve decided to started listening to music to get away from the announcers)

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268 November 9

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