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Bloggaday 290 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 1

Bloggaday 290 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 1

Hello, folks. For the next 2 months or so, the weekly PWND* content will be from an observation paper I did for my expository writing class. Since it is a school paper, they’re also SPF’s.**

This paper ended up being quite the task. I did the observations Tuesday and then the paper was due Friday, so doing a 7-page paper with content that I don’t really do is kind of tough. And really, it shouldn’t have been this taxing, but when I write fiction, I usually just skip over description because I’m afraid it comes heavy-handed and stupid. I think at this point I’m just retreading water that I did a few posts ago, so with further ado, I give you Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 1

So I wrote these Bloggadays before I got this paper back. Since then though, I’ve gotten it back. I ended up getting a perfect score on it, but I freaked myself the hizzell out about failing it, so my intros for the rest of these posts will be me all freaked out. Enjoy the neurosis!

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Bloggaday 290 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 1

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Sitting adrift the desert of Southern California, a building dots the landscape. On less of a grand scale, it’s an impressive building, but even in the context of California State University, San Bernardino, it is just another building. Rising two stories high, the Santos Manuel Student Union is a hub for student activity, but the best way to see this is to go inside of it.

With bold and neutral colors coming together with an eclectic collection of furniture, the Santos Manuel Student Union is a collection of styles, themes, and cultures with students just as diverse as the décor. The base paint of the room is an off-white that seems bathed with experience. Broad swathes of a deep burgundy paint the rooms, walls, and stairs with an imposing structure of slate-grey brick built up around the steps to the second floor to watch over the room.

Once on the second floor, lamps that look like post-modern bug zappers greet students. This artistic expression of some interior designer hangs above the patio section of the pub to make sure that the students have light. After all, it is always five o’clock somewhere. The sway in the light’s positioning gives them the appearance of a constellation of some great snake that once held its place in some long-forgotten lore. Under their suspension is the pub with its sign. Brash yellows and oceanic blues join forces to bring in groves of students. Emblazed on the colors is a blue-silhouetted coyote howling at the great serpent above.

Below the flowing curves of the balcony’s design sits the majority of the building’s floor space. Dozens of students run end-to-end at their varying paces and urgencies. The more stationary ones accessorize with food. Some students even accessorize with computers. A majority of these though signal their presence with little illuminated apples as to remain incognito when compared with the students catching some fast food between classes.

Among the considerable seating capacity is an eclectic assortments of chairs, couches, and tables. Directly below the balcony, the grey-tiled floor offers dining tables and chairs of metal and plastic. That quickly gives way to the warmer and dominant section room. Rather than the recessed fluorescent lighting of the clinical eatery, the vast expanse is lit with windows, natural lighting offering a warmness like memories of a childhood home. The comfort here is fitting for anything from talking to homework to just surfing the net.

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