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Bloggaday 275 – SotW 25 pt 2

Bloggaday 275 – SotW 25 pt 2

Chuck: Welcome back, folks to the Song of the Week, only on the Bloggaday. This is part two of our 25th special, and I’m Chuck.

Tom: I’m still annoyed.

Chuck: Last time, it bugged Tom that we had been doing so many Bloggadays in as many days, so we’re discussing our contracts before we move onto the Song of the Week.

Tom: So what do they say?

Chuck: Well, our contracts don’t say we’re scheduled for one Song of the Week post per week.

Tom: ???

Chuck: It just says that we’re to host the Song of the Week. It doesn’t stipulate length or frequency. It even makes sure to avoid implying that it’s even a weekly segment.

Tom: That sneaky little basta-

Chuck. I don’t know if he had a lawyer draft it up or what.

Paul: If I could say something…

Chuck: What’s that, Paul?

Paul: Well, if memory serves, his brother is a lawyer.

Tom: That’s right. I think I remember him saying something about that.

Chuck: Yeah, I knew that name sounded familiar. Keith Dysart, right?

Tom: You mean Super Awesome Lawyer of the Santa Cruz area, Keith Dysart, who passed his bar the on his first try?

Paul: Yep, that’s him.

Chuck: With that settled, should we get to the Song of the Week?

Tom: YES, FINALLY. I can’t do another SotW for a good, long time.

Chuck: Well, what are our songs for consideration this week?

Tom: Oh, that’s right. We have to go through each one…

Chuck: Well…

Tom: Sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Chuck: Haha, why?

Tom: Because we’re not going to get this all done in 200 words.

Chuck: Well, the more we talk, the longer this’ll take.

Tom: Alright, first up we have

Sweet Child O’ Mine


Guns ‘N’ Roses

Chuck: So after a week of covers of that song, the actual version from Guns get a nod?

Tom: Yep. The official Bloggaday iTunes didn’t have the original, so David grabbed it.

Chuck: And next?

Tom: “Even Flow


Pearl Jam

Chuck: Pearl Jam, huh? Do you know if Jeremy is on the Bloggaday iTunes?

Tom: If memory serves, it never shows up, but I guess you can keep an eye out for it in future SotW’s.

Chuck: Okay, so what’s next?

Tom: “Song 2


The Blur

Chuck: Is there a music video for that one?

Tom: Yeah, the band basically moshes with the hotel room they’re performing in.

Chuck: ???

Tom: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Chuck: Anyways, what’s our last song?

Tom: “How You Remind Me



Chuck: Nickleback, eh? I don’t think this is their first time on the Song of the Week.

Tom: Probably not, and it probably won’t be their last they have a tendency of stealthing into the SotW.

Chuck: ???

Tom: It’s just that they tend to have songs that are good, but only after a while and a Shazam later that you realize it’s actually a Nickleback song.

Chuck: Well, that’s all the time we have today.

Tom: Dam-

Chuck: Weeeee’d like to thank you for joining us again for the Song of the Week. We promise that we WILL get to the Song of the Week

Listening to

The Walking Dead

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