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Bloggaday 289 – SotW 27 pt 2

Bloggaday 289 – SotW 27 pt 2

In A Gadda Da Vida


Iron Butterfly



Ozzy Osborne

Let Me Hear You Scream


Ozzy Osborne

Suicide Solutions


Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to part two of Song of the Week 27.

Tom: Hey, folks. If you don’t remember me, I’m Tom.

Chuck: And I’m Chuck. Well, we probably should get right to it.

Tom: Alright, our first song for contention was

In A Gadda Da Vida


Iron Butterfly

Chuck: And our next one?

Tom: Well, next up is



Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: So we go from old school Iron Butterfly to some new Ozzy?

Tom: Well, they fit together well enough for a week of music.

Chuck: So what’s our next song?

Tom: Our 3rd song for this week is

Let Me Hear You Scream


Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: Wow, no respect for the older stuff, eh?

Tom: This coming from the man who would classify Ozzy, Bob Dylan, Metallica, and Days of the New as the same genre of music.

Chuck: Damn straight.

Tom: Well, “Let Me Hear You Scream” is a relatively new release from Ozzy. It got a lot of radio time when it came out, so it didn’t need to be picked up back then. It’s a good song though, so it was a no-brainer in an Ozzy week.

Chuck: And what song is at the top of Ozzy Week?

Tom: Well, this is where the flustercuck came in.

Chuck: What do you mean?

Tom: Well, the song is

Suicide Solutions


Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: And the problem?

Tom: Well, I think I may have picked up the wrong song for this week’s new selection of songs.

Chuck: And why is that?

Tom: Well, it fell pretty flat all week. I heard the tune and must have thought it was a different song.

Chuck: I take it then that it’s not this week’s song?

Tom: No and it’s actually getting pulled from the main playlist, so it won’t get nay plays except for when the entire library is on shuffles.

Chuck: Dang, almost complete ostracization.

Tom: Yeah, but that doesn’t bother the SotW though.

Chuck: Okay. You called this an Ozzy Week. That’s kind of like when the Pats went undefeated all season and then lost the Superbowl. It wasn’t the Patriot’s year wince they lost the big one. Is it truly an Ozzy week?

Tom: As a matter of fact, yes. The SotW is…

Paul: dudududududududuududu




Ozzy Osborne

Chuck: And the new kid on the block takes it.

Tom: Yep, a true Cinderella story this week. “Dreamer” came in from the number 3 seed to win the whole thing.

Chuck: As much as I would like to harp on it, we have to sign out.

Tom: Alright. I just want to say next week kicks off some major Nirvana take-over of the Bloggaday, so stay tuned.

Chuck: Yes, Bloggaday Readers, come back next week for another edition of the Song of the Week. Apparently the weeks of rock continue. Until then, I’m Chuck.

Tom: I’m Tom.

Chuck: Have a great week, everybody.

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The Weeks of Rock

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