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Bloggaday 271 – FU: pt 4

Bloggaday 271 – FU: pt 4

With a shake, the beast managed to get back to a hand and knees. Throwing itself back, Granitos ripped the arrow from its hip and pushed itself back to its feet. The thing swung around and glared at the back of the small man. “You don’t even look at your foe?!?” Its jump gouged holes in the earth, but it landed at the sword and grabbed the behemoth along with enough earth to bury a child.

“I simply grow tired of this. I followed you because I assumed you would be of some challenge to fight, but you are weak. I am annoyed that I waited this long, and this is how you live up to the promise of your name.”

Dirt and rocks were ground into the handle of the blade as Granitos began to vibrate. “For those words, you shall never speak again! I will rip your tongue out before I crush you into the sands!”

“With your shaking and offish fingers?” Xylon laughed. “I think not.”

The beast rushed the man, sword arching up. As it swung for him, Xylon brought his own sword up in a flash and slashed through the knuckles of the creature’s fingers. The sword spun into the ground as Xylon spun to a knee and severed Granitos’s own limb from behind. The creature crashed into the hilt of its blade and tumbled over sword.

“This beast of Hell is nothing more than pestilence from purgatory!” Xylon laughed again.

With a few failed attempts, Granitos finally managed to roll to its stomach. Pushing itself up again, the remains of its fingers dug into the ground, but Xylon was already upon the creature. With an uninterested yawn, he hacked at the thing’s elbow, clearing half of the mass. The creature buckled and fell back to the ground.

Xylan kneeled down to the pile of rocks and flipped it over to its back with a grunt. Taking a step to its chest, he slapped the thing’s cheek with his sword.

With a groan, the beast finally focused on Xylon. “Please, let me go. You will never see me again. I will not attack another village!”

“I am not as kind as the pathetic villagers or even yourself. I could make the offer for you to leave, but I will make no promise that you would keep you life.” The two paused before Xylon jumped from its chest with a shrug.

“I don’t care! I shall take my chances.” The beast pulled against rough dirt with a stump of an arm and kicked with its only good limb from Xylon and into the wreckage.

With a quick trot, Xylon caught up with the creature and palmed its head. He fought a quick thrash, but brought it to his eyes. He cocked his head before saying, “Do tell the demons and devils I will be coming. They really should prepare for their own demise. I will soon bore of extinguishing this world.” He threw it back into the ground and spun his sword in his hand. He planted the tip in the crack of its neck and drove the blade down.

A pause kept him grasping his sword, but he finally let go and worked his fingers. He stepped free of the newly inanimate rocks and backed towards the villagers.

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