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Bloggaday 273 – FU: pt 6

Bloggaday 273 – FU: pt 6

A drop of crimson rolled free from Ivan’s white stubble and collected in the pool sinking into the dirt. He looked up and into green eyes so very pale and eternally empty.

Xylon raised the sword higher with a smirk as the old man resigned his head with closed eyes. The savior-turned-reaper paused as the sword held the air. With a roar, Xylon fought the sword and cut down, through humid air and the house of Tyre, neither offering resistance.

With the sword resting the ground, Xylon looked to the group of villagers that had accompanied him. Each one dropped to their knees as he lifted the sword. He slung it to his shoulder and strode to the men. “Rise, rise, you fools.”

As the first man began to rise, Xyon jerked, sending the sword up and cutting through the villager. A few of the men scattered as the others merely inched back and deepening into their bowing. Finally, one spoke up, “Please, my lord… We shall worship thee as our true god.”

“Unfortunately,” Xylon started, heaving his sword into the air again, “Your leader there has already spoke for your village. He rejected me as your god and now your home shall perish.”

The man from before spoke again, raising plaintiff eyes, “But Ivan is not our leader.”

Xylon rested the sword on his shoulder again and looked at the bent man. “You festering worms had no problem letting him speak for you with Granitos. Who then, is your leader?”

“You are, my lord!”

Xylon smiled at the man. “You’re smart beyond your time.” The smile remained, but the reaper continued, “Unfortunately, I take pity on neither smart or the ignorant. Where your people lack value in my eye, I see promise in your village’s location. Built against this mountain, a feeble force cold fend an army, and had your people not been so pathetic, they could have thwarted the damned Granitos.”

A few more of the villagers fled from their communion, but the man continued to plead “Please, my lord. Your will has shown the error of my way! A man like myself could show you all you need to know.”

Xylon grabbed the man’s chin and lifted him to his feet “Am I to spare you and let you simply watch as your village parishes?”

“If it were to please my lord, yes,” the man responded, keeping his eyes on Xylon’s feet.

Bringing the man’s face forward, Xylon stepped closer. “You are truly of the most despicable make of human. The sort that would betray me the moment that it may serve you.” He raised the sword again, this time bringing it down on one of the villagers still on hands, knees, and forehead. “Let’s see if this strips you of what little humanity you have managed to retain.” He threw the man to the ground and turned towards the rest of the villagers.

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Drop of crimson rolled free from white stubble & collected in the pool sinking into the dirt…into green eyes so very pale and eternally empty.

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