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Bloggaday 264 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 2

Bloggaday 264 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 2

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to part 2 of Song of the Week 23. I am your host, Chuck. And with as always is

Tom: Tom.

Chuck: I think this is the first time we’ve done a part 2 when we’ve already given the song away in the first episode.

Tom: I think you’re right, but it had to be done.

Chuck: Well, you know better what’s going on than I do, so why don’t you start us off?

Tom: Well, to build what little suspense we can, we’ll be telling our fine, brilliant, fantastic Bloggaday Reader opening parenthesis ess closing parenthesis about why SotW 23 was so late, an upcoming week of fiction, and the Tom Standard that we teased yesterday.

Chuck: Okay, well I know why it was late.

Tom: Then by all means, go ahead.

Chuck: Well, The Second Grea- What the hell are you doing?

Tom: Reading. Go ahead.

Chuck: But we’re doing a Bloggaday here.

Tom: What? You said you can handle the whole late posting thing.

Chuck: Yeah, but then you’ll have to discuss the other things. It’s not like I can describe what a “Tom Standard” is.

Tom: Really? Again with the air quotes? Jeeze. It’s not like I would pay more attention to your talking if I wasn’t reading. When you pause, I’ll just agree with you, and if there’s a lul, I’ll just assume you’re done and take over. It’s not exactly brain surgery.

Chuck: How about a little professional courtesy then, Tom?

Tom: You know what?

Chuck: What?

Tom: I bet brain surgery isn’t even that hard anymore. The machines probably do most of the work nowadays.

Chuck: Then why don’t you go do that then? It’s not like you’re contributing much to the Song of the Week.

Tom: Mhmm, Chuck. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Chuck: …

Tom: Oh, a Tom Standar-

Chuck: I wasn’t done, Tom! I was telling you you don’t do anything here and you should just quit!

Tom: I can’t.

Chuck: Why?

Tom: You already said you needed me like twice in this Bloggaday alone.

Chuck: Why don’t you just go back to your book.

Tom: I’d love to. I do have to correct you though. It’s a manga, not really a “book” perse.

Chuck: And what in the hell is a manga, Tom?

Tom: The short answer?

Chuck: No.

Tom: Well, back in the late 1940’s, the US-

Chuck: SHORT answer, please.

Tom: Jeeze, snippy much?

Chuck: I’m sorry, go on.

Tom: It’s basically a Japanese Comic. This one’s is about Ninjas. It’s called Naruto.

Chuck: Hey, I think my niece watches that show.

Tom: Good to know despite the fact that I don’t care.

Chuck: Why are you reading a kid’s book?

Tom: I’d love to tell you, but we’re at our word count and have to stop.

Chuck: Well, thank you again, Bloggaday Reader, for choosing the Song of the Week and the Bloggaday for your music news and entertainment. I am Chuck.

Tom: And I’m Tom.

Chuck: Have a great day everyone. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Tom: Well, you can’t really see them… can you???

Chuck: No, Tom, it’s an expression.

Tom: I swear, I’m going to have a cliché intervention for you one day. I already talked about it with your wife last night.

Chuck: When were you with my wife?

Tom: I think she snuck out after you went to bed. My bed is a little big for my lonesome.

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Somehow, the SotW turns to the Naruto manga, but Tom redeems it by implying he’s slept with Chuck’s wife, only on Bloggaday

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

264 November 5

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