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Bloggaday 265 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 3

Bloggaday 265 – SotW 23: Cowboy pt 3

Chuck: Greetings yet again, Bloggaday Readers. I’d like to welcome you to part 3 of Song of the week 23. I am Chuck

Tom: And I’m Tom.

Chuck: So, Tom, where did we leave off yesterday?

Tom: Well, if memory serves, I was implying that I was sleeping with your wi-

Chuck: BEFORE that!

Tom: Oh! You were ruthlessly mocking me about something you were ignorant of. It was surprisingly hateful of yo-

Chuck: Wait, what?

Tom: This.

Chuck: Oh, the cartoon book! That’s right.

Tom: It’s not a cartoon book. It’s a manga, from which, an anime was made.

Chuck: The difference being?

Tom: The difference being, I’ve read 40 of these buggers and I’m halfway through the best part of the series.

Chuck: What’s so special about what’s going on now?

Tom: Well, the story is about three ninja children.

Chuck: And this story isn’t for kids?

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just listen. Anyways, one of the three is deadest on killing his brother.

Chuck: Jeeze, Tom, how old is this kid?

Tom: I don’t know, 12 or so?

Chuck: Why would a twelve year-old want to kill his brother?

Tom: Well, the brother killed their entire clan, including their parents, so now only these two brothers are left.

Chuck: What in the hell is my niece watching. I thought this was a kid’s show.

Tom: Well, after 40 of these books, which cover a surprising amount of story content, they’ve finally gotten to the confrontation and the entire story arc that led up to that event.

Chuck: And?

Tom: And it’s awesome. It’s a kick square to the balls.

Chuck: Language, Tom!

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you’ve ever read or seen any Naruto and didn’t stick it out to this point, just pick these couple issues up. They’re worth the read.

Chuck: Well, now that we’ve wasted 300 words on that, can we get into what we were supposed to talk about?

Tom: Sure, you’re first though with the whole SotW being late this week.

Chuck: That’s right. Well, with The Second Great Trigady (Bloggadays 247-257), Bloggady Author David Dysart was able to get a week ahead of the posting schedule.

Tom: Mhmm, that’s right.*

Chuck: Well, he posted the last half of those and a few others regularly scheduled Bloggadays that he had written and posted them in a large sum of like 10 or 11. With the addition of the new post-ups and the whole rock wall thing, he forgot to save a spot for our Song of the Week Segment.

Tom: That’s right, Chuck.*

Chuck: This absent-mindedness also led to Halloween going by without any special Bloggaday posts.

Tom: Mhmm.*

Chuck: ….

Tom: ….

Chuck: … TOM!

Tom: Oh sorry. I swear, this damn thing is engrossing.

Chuck: Put the book down and do your job.

Tom: Ooo, I’d love to, but we’re out of words for this Bloggaday

Chuck: Son of a b-

Tom: Language, Chuck!

Chuck: Well, thank you for joining us for another Song of the Week this week. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we finish the saga of Song of the Week 23.

Tom: You think we’ll finish it?

Chuck: We have to. The day after that is Song of the Week 24.

Tom: Really? Jeeze. That mean’s I’ll have worked… 5 or 6 days STRAIGHT?!? This is ridiculous! I’m a broadcaster for fu-

Chuck: Language!

Tom: For frack’s sake! If I wanted to work every day, then I would have gotten a real job!

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* Read yesterday’s Bloggaday for this run-on joke.

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