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Bloggaday 276 – SotW 25 pt 3

Bloggaday 276 – SotW 25 pt 3

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to part 3 of Song of the Week 25. I am Chuck.

Tom: And I’m Tom, and I’m here to promise you that SotW will NOT go to a part 4.

Chuck: Well, let’s recap really quick for new readers what our 4 songs competing this week are.

Tom: Alright, first up is

Sweet Child O’ Mine


Guns ‘N’ Roses


Even Flow


Pearl Jam

After that,

Song 2


The Blur

And lastly,

How You Remind Me



Chuck: So, it sounds like it was an all-rock week for this Song of Week.

Tom: Yep, do you have any bets on which one it’ll be this week.

Chuck: Come on, Tom, you know I gave betting up. Let’s just get on with it.

Tom: Alrighty then, the Song this week is…

Paul: dudud-

Chuck: IS IT “EVEN FLOW!?!?”

Tom: Calm down, Chuck. You’re kind of foaming at the mouth there.

Chuck: I’m sorry.

Tom: What happened to the no betting?

Chuck: I know. It just got the better of me there for a second.

Tom: Can we continue?

Chuck: Yeah, go ahead.

Tom: The SotW this week is…

Paul: dududududu-


Tom: Really, Chuck?

Chuck: Sorry, go ahead.

Tom: The Son-


Tom: Chuck!

Chuck: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Tom: Fine. The Song of th-

Chuck: IT’S “SONG 2” ISN’T IT?

Tom: Seriously, dude, you’re getting spit on my suit.

Chuck: I swear, it won’t happen again.

Tom: I know… You’ve already guessed all 4 songs. Unless we’ve got a write-in ballot, you’re pretty much out of gas now, aren’t you?

Chuck: Yeah, go ahead. I’ll keep quiet.

Tom: Alright then. The Song of the Week is…

Paul: dudududududududu

Tom: “How You Remind Me



Chuck: Okay, putting everything aside, I would have thought “Song 2” would have been the Song of the Week.

Tom: Maybe if it was longer, it would have been the SotW, but with “Song2” in 2nd position behind “How You Remind Me” and at only 2 minutes long, it didn’t get as much attention as it should have gotten.

Chuck: Well, with another SotW down, do we have any predictions for next week?

Tom: Well, they’ll be more rock songs, but a little more alternative/softer.

Chuck: Well, without giving away any song names, do you want give some other names out?

Tom: Well, there will be some Aerosmith, Sublime, and another mystery artist.

Chuck: Mystery artist? Trying to build some suspense for next week, Tom? Nice, I like it.

Tom: Actually, I just don’t remember who else got a song next week.

Chuck: You could have just taken the compliment and gone with it.

Tom: I could have, but I’m not a liar like you.

Chuck: What have I lied to you about?

Tom: Oh, I don’t think you have lied to me, but it’s a reoccurring them when I’m with your wife.

Chuck: Well, we’re out of wor-

Tom: You might want to work on that.

Chuck: Thanks, Tom. I’ll get right on that. And tha-

Tom: I mean, I’m just sleeping with your wife. Some other guy might come along and want more than just crazy jungle se-

Chuck: Thank you, Bloggaday Readers, for joining us on the last installment of Song of the Week 25. Come back tomorrow for the last of the Week of Fiction, regular Bloggaday content, and a special video complimentary post coming up soon.

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