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Bloggaday 270 – FU: pt 3

Bloggaday 270 – FU: pt 3

Between a finger and thumb, Granitos pulled the arrow through before snapping it in two. “Leave!” he spewed. “What concern is this village to you?”

“How rude! Addressing a stranger with no introduction. You deserved the arrow for that alone.”

“I have introduced myself once this lifetime. I intend on not doing it again!” the stones roared. “If you truly wish to know my name, leave and await for the survivors of this massacre to spread my name across this land like the plague I shall soon become on its peoples.”

“My concern is not of your name or this village, but I do enjoy your dramatics. It is with that thought that I will give you my name.”

“HA! So that I may tell my future victims of a failed hero?” the beast roared to its feet.

“No, so that when I kill you, you can speak of Xylon, the one who extinguished your time on this earth and will soon join you in Hell.”

The smile returned to Granitos’s face as he said, “It is you who shall await my return to Hell, and once we come together again, I will torment you for nothing more than my amusement.”

As the beast lumbered forward again, Xylon lifted the bow and slung another arrow, this one striking the hip of the beast. It went down as it tried to plant an undersized foot and collapsed to a still-limp arm. With hatred boiling in the beast’s eyes, it looked up from the billowing dust and screamed, “For a thousand million sunsets, I will torture you in Hell!”

Xylon smiled at the thing and slid from his saddle. He drew a sword from his saddle, the blade an engulfing blackness that drank the light of the fire. He began crossing the desolate distance between the two, a grin never even leaving his eyes.

With a growl, Granitos smashed its arm against the ground. As Xylon rocked to a stop in front of the thing, it smiled. “Your arrows have led to your downfall… Perhaps if you had tried more of them,” the words stopped as giant fingers balled into a fist on the failing arm. The beast shot up, driving a punch for the man.

A spin brought Xylon inside of the strike. He stopped long enough to enjoy the shock on the creature’s face, but brought his own sword up and sliced the striking and exposed shoulder of the beast. As it continued forward, Xylon rolled to its back and jumped free of its second fall to the dirt and ash.

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