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Bloggaday 274 – SotW 25 pt 1

Bloggaday 274 – SotW 25 pt 1

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to another edition of Bloggaday’s Song of the Week. Bringing you the 25th special is me, Chuck and…

Tom: …

Chuck: …

Tom: … Ncknhm…

Chuck: Wake up, Tom. Come on!

Tom: Huh? Wuh?!? Oh, sorry Chuck.

Chuck: If it’s not a damned

Tom: Laaaaanguaaaaaage…

Chuck: If it’s not a blasted gamanji book, then you’re sleeping on the job. You’ll be lucky if you even HAVE a job by the end of the Bloggaday.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chuck: No yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t want to get stuck with one of those Performer of the Month jerkoffs for the rest of the Bloggaday.

Tom: Awww, you’d miss me if I got fired.

Chuck: No, I just find you slightly more tolerable than them. That’s all.

Tom: Well, first off, it’s manga, not gamanji. Robin Williams doesn’t make an appearance in the book.

Chuck: And did you forget the “secondly” this time too?

Tom: Actually, despite my sleep-deprived state, I remember what I was going to say.

Chuck: And you’re lame excuse for lacking this time is…

Paul: Dudududududududu

Tom: Haha, nice one, Paul

Chuck: Can we ju-

Paul: Thanks, Tom.

Tom: Anyways… It’s this schedule David has us on! We pulled 6 STRAIGHT Bloggadays.

Chuck: That’s jus-

Tom: AND if that wasn’t enough, then we have to do this one early because apparently, one week ahead of schedule isn’t enough for the Bloggaday.

Chuck: You’ll ju-

Tom: I didn’t sign up for this! I signed up for a once-a-week gig.

Chuck: Can I speak now?

Tom: Yeah, go ahead.

Chuck: I wanted to say that ju-

Paul: I think I’m with Tom on this. Unlike you guys, I’m not Mr. Moneybag. I have other gigs to tend to.

Chuck: …

Tom: I thought you had something to say?

Chuck: Just tha-

Tom: I mean, it’s not legal, right? The SotW was a once-a-week segment when I signed on.

Chuck: Hhhmmm.

Tom: I’m sorry. Change your tampon, and then say what you were going to say.

Chuck: Great… I got some from your girlfriend. Ha!

Tom: Really, I didn’t know you and your wife liked the same brand.

Chuck: Oh, come on, Tom.

Tom: So, what did you want to say?

Chuck: I think we covered this in an earlier Song of the Week, but you haven’t actually read your contract, have you?

Tom: Well, define “read.”

Chuck: Looked and examined that piece of paper you signed word by words through serial processing.

Tom: Well, it was more of a parallel processing thing.

Chuck: So… No?

Tom: No, I didn’t read the contract. There, are you happy?

Chuck: Actually, I am…

Tom: So, what did the contract say?

Chuck: Unfortunately, we’re out of words, so I’ll explain it next.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s just get on with it.

Chuck: You could take this time to read your contract.

Tom: No, we’re going to do the second part in a few minutes, so I’ll just wait.

Chuck: Suit yourself. Thank you, Bloggaday Readers, for joining us for the Song of the Week. Please do come back tomorrow for part two. We’ll be sure to actually get to the Song of the Week. I’m Chuck,

Tom: I’m annoyed,

Chuck: Have a great day, everybody.

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