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Bloggaday 279 – “Have You Met David?” pt 1

Bloggaday 279 – “Have You Met David?” pt 1

People are killing me. Flat and simple really.

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“Have You Met David?” (Don’t read if you’re looking for info or a bio on the aforementioned David) only on Bloggaday

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

I suppose I could elaborate… But that’s just going to be awkward, so if I do, don’t keep reading…

If you’re looking for info or a bio on Bloggaday author, David Dysart, then this is not the post for you. Disregard the suggestive name and move on. There’s nothing to see here.

I’m going to start by showing you something.

If you have used this phrase anywhere around me, then read no further. Save me the embarrassment of you reading this.

Now, if you’re too lazy to watch that 15-second video, then you can read an explanation that will take longer than 15 seconds…

Hit comedy show, How I Met Your Mother, often employs a wingman technique.* With this particular technique, the wingman will introduce their buddy with something along the lines of “Have you met David?”** Now, that particular phrasing seems to lean towards that meaning, but I suppose that could just be my excessive watching of How I Met Your Mother. When it’s done with the EXACT inflection and style as is seen in How I Met Your Mother, I would assume that when the wingman knows both parties, then it’s an indication that all involved are single. Apparently I’m wrong.

Now… If it was just a spur of the moment, “Have you met David?” then I could see it would just be used as an introductory tool. I mean, there are only so many ways to introduce someone, and come on, “Have you met Yada” is just fun to say.

To paint out my particular disappointment in this situation, I have to build a little bit of back-story I suppose. I had only known the presumed wingman for a couple of weeks, but we’ve been hanging out in such a fashion that there are a lot of new faces rotating in.

Okay, it was during one of these hangings out*** that the presumed wingman**** mentioned that she had went to some sort of redhead festival in… Amsterdam? Okay, I typed “redhead festival,” and it looks like it was probably in Holland. Anyways, I mentioned that I’m a fan of redheads.***** It didn’t spark a conversation or anything, but then let us fast-forward to the next time we hung out, the incident with the presumed wingman and the “introduction.”******

I had shown up at the rendezvous point early because my class got out early. I’m not sure why I’m being so cloak and dagger about this. If either the presumed wingman or introductee read any of this, they could probably figure it out anyways. So, I made it to the rock wall early and was doing some climbing.

/Sigh, another paragraph and more back-story. This is going to go long, so I’m going to end it here. Come back tomorrow for the rest.

* I will say, I have been called the world’s greatest wingman, but that’s a story for another Bloggaday.

**I’ll put my own name there since that’s the situation I found myself in.

*** I find myself with an odd fascination with the phrase “hangings out.” It reminds me of “goings on.”

**** I find myself liking “presumed wingman” as well

***** It occurs to me that this is a subject deserving of its own Bloggaday. Tune in tomorrow/sometime soon.

****** The “Introduction” actually sounds like an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

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