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Bloggaday 286 – Exaggerific Disney Twitter pt 2

Bloggaday 286 – Exaggerific Disney Twitter pt 2

6 splash mountain 9:08 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

We didn’t have to wait in line at all for the first trip, so we decided to just go again. There wasn’t anyone really waiting, so the employees didn’t mind sending us again.

Elvis's wig has left the building 9:28 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Oh, Elvis… I saw this guy SOOOOOOO many times at the park. In lines, while walking, luckily not while peeing. It way have been a bit awkward and messy had he started to do windmills at the urinals.

Anyways, for some reason, when I saw him this time, he didn’t have his wig on. I saw him several times later that night though with it on. Hmmm… Must be a Carl’s Jr. employee trying to screw with me. They do that, you know. O_O

7 thunder mountain 9:29 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Thunder THUNDER THUNDER mountain… For some reason, I thought it was a much tamer ride, so it was a surprisingly fun ride. I would have sworn I lost my water bottle on one of the turns, but lucky for me, my $3+ investment didn’t get left on the tracks.

Oop, "almost slutty" Peter pan 9:31 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Close, but no cigar… >.> <.< >.>

Fireworks 9:36 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

They had an impressive fireworks display going on, so we chilled on a bench and chillaxed to the max.

8 teacups 10:04 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Another short wait for a ride. A group of costumers were taping themselves. Since this was a month ago, it’s hard to remember who was there. I know a Depp Hatter (One of many that I saw that night) was one. I believe Jasmine and a couple of others.

9 Nina van madahorn 10:05 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

I didn’t know how to spell Matterhorn, so I justified my ignorance by making a Just Shoot Me reference. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a “slutty” Nina Van Horn there >.>

"slutty" schoolgirl 10:07 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Random sighting while not standing in line, so I had to document the occurrence of one in the wild, their natural habitat.

It's a bit disheveled, but Elvis got his hair back 10:08 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Little known* fact: “How the Emperor Got His Groove Back” was actually an adaptation of a screenplay called “How Elvis Got His Hair Back.” It was also adapted again to make “Bubba Ho-tep.” Quite the diverse bit of fiction in my book.

"slutty" cop. Sadly, the cuffs had no pink fur 10:19 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

Hmm, while I’m surprised at the number of “slutty” costumes at Disneyland, I don’t know if I thought there would be more or less though…

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*Hmm, I think I misspelled “false” as “known.” I think there also should have been a comma after that “Little”

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