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Bloggaday 272 – FU: pt 5

Bloggaday 272 – FU: pt 5

“Thank you, Sir!” a familiar voice came. Xylon turned to an older man that continued on, “You have saved us from that monstrosity and rid the earth of a terrible creature. We are forever in your debt.”

Xylon greeted him with a nod. “Very well, then kneel.”

“Beg your pardon, Sir?” Ivan puzzled

With a frown and pouted lips, Xylon repeated, “Kneel. I have decided that this village is mine, and as such, I am your god. What would you propose as a proper greeting to your god?“ he finished with a cocked head.

“Surely, you jest, Sir. We are grateful for your help. Without you, our village would have been destroyed.”

“But?” Xylon interrupted.

“Our leader has always been a villager, and our god we share with the rest of the kingdom.”

Xylon’s face lit up with a smile, and he said, “All right then.”

“Thank you, Sir. You will never be forgotten by our village or its villagers. You may remain here for long as you would like, though your comfort will be hampered by our current conditions, your help on which would also be kindly met.”

Xylon’s lips again took that pouting frown as he reached back. Each of his fingers wrapped itself around Granitos’s sword before he slid it from the ground.

Taking a step back, Ivan said, “Your strength truly is amazing.”

As Xylon brought the sword around, he said with a bit of strain pulling on his voice, “Hmm, heavier than I would have thought.”

Ivan’s eyes shot from Xylon to the sword and back again. He began lifting his hands, but Xylon struck the sword in a vicious arc and took Ivan’s legs out at the knees.

As the group of villagers jumped another step back from the battleground, the seat of the house of Tyre collapsed before Xylon.

“And remarkably sharp after all of the slaughtering that brute did. I shall truly enjoy using this,” Xylon said as he examined the gore on the blade.

Ivan coughed a mouthful of blood before he managed to raise his eyes. With a scowl chiseled on his face, he said, “You came to our people posing the hero, but the great beast spoke the truth. You cannot hope to catch every man from this village. People will know your name.”

Xylon frowned at the man before saying, “Ah, you are wrong, you old fool. I will extinguish every life from this village. Granitos was nothing but a prideful and sloppy monster.”

“Heh,” the old man snorted. “That creature was a beast. You are a monster.”

With a quick arch of his eyebrows, Xylem looked from the sword to him. “That’s the thing about the Hellbeasts… We are all monsters.” He brought the sword between the two, dissecting Ivan’s view of his face.

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