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Bloggaday 154 – The Sand Canyon Review 2011 pt 2

Bloggaday 154 – The Sand Canyon Review 2011 pt 2

So this is part 2, so I’ll get right into it.

I don’t know, I think I’m trying to push it in a positive direction. I was trying to find a quote to put on my checks, so I was going through a word doc that has some of my more quotable stuff in it. One of the things I found fits the philosophy that I’ve taken in my position: “What's the point of living if you're normal, perpetuating the status quo?”

To move forward, you have to be constantly evolving, pushing envelopes, and creating new ideas. If I were just there to raise money, there wouldn’t be any point for it to be me in the position. For a while, I thought the previous PR Groupleader was going to be coming back. They had already offered me the Groupleader position though, so I started wondering what was going to happen. Then I figured, ‘Well maybe we can break PR into two groups, one doing the fundraising and one doing the publicity,’ because she was good at the fundraising. She even runs a non-profit fundraising thing, so she would handle the fundraising, and I would be more of the “pusher.” Well, she isn’t coming back, so I’ll be heading the entire group. Though it doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, the splitting up of the PR group. Unfortunately, nobody wants to be in the PR group, so for the time being, it’ll be a combined effort.

It’s kind of funny, because as I said, noooooobody wants to be PR. It was more by chance that I even got in the class, and I figured I wouldn’t be good at judging art, poetry, and short stories, but I do get somewhat creative, so I’ll just join PR. Only one other person signed up for PR (I’m not sure why she did), and then we had to pull someone off of Short Story. We also got a “floater” who kind of worked for us and Graphic Design, but that ended up badly, so there won’t be anymore “floaters” this next time. I think the problem is, we only have wanna be arteests** in the class, people who want to write and draw and whatnot. Sure we have a few graphic design people, but I think that was more due to recruitment. People who want to be PR apparently don’t join a literary magazine. In a minute though, I’m going to write my group leader, and suggest that we get some flyers up during the Fall to get those kinds of people to join us in the Spring. I mean we have nation-wide business club on campus. We have more than enough people who could do a really good job, but they just don’t know about us. I think it could be a really good fit.

This is actually what I wrote to the Head Honcho for the Magazine, well the last paragraph of what I wrote her: “I do have another thought. Last time, we didn't really get anybody who wanted to do PR. I'd hate for that to happen this time. I'm not quite as competent as Leah with all of this stuff.

I was wondering if we could try to recruit some people, like put up some flyer during the Fall, or go to the business club on campus to try to get people who are interested in business and PR. I just don't think business folks see "literary magazine" and think, "business opportunity"”

One last note: Writing this has given me an idea. At our first groupleader meeting, we decided to try to get an interview with famed novelist, Anne Rice. I think in the past, I think our interviews have focused more in the visual arts, but if we are going to do a few authors, I think it would be cool if we could get an interview with author, Scott Sigler ( Now this is fitting for me because I want to bring The Sand Canyon Review to the digital stage, and Mr. Sigler is pretty much the social media pimp of the writing biz. He was in the first wave of people to offer a serialized novel in podcast form. Plenty of time to decide though. He does a lot of interviews, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get him. It could really tie in with the possible future of the magazine. Okay, I’m going to shut up now.

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