Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bloggaday 164 – Baby Got Back (feat. JoCo) by Sir Mix-a-Lot (A Mashup by David Dysart)

Bloggaday 164 – Baby Got Back (feat. JoCo) by Sir Mix-a-Lot (A Mashup by David Dysart)

Whew, I didn’t think I was going to finish this product in time to post this Bloggaday. As I’m sure I’ve aptly described the preceding title that I haven’t thought up yet, I just finished my first ever mashup. I have to say, it was quite the interesting and addictive process.

As I’m sure everyone knows, a couple of decades ago, our knighted musician* Mix-a-Lot came out with a song called “Baby Got Back” . What some folks might not know is the fact that JoCo covered the song with what has to be the whitest version possible and downloadable at . Well, I thought it would fun to see it as a mashup with the two versions together. Well, what else is a poor white boy to do? Other than pull up his 17-inch Mac laptop and create it himself that is. I was able to just use the podcast audio from JoCo, but I had to use alternative means to get the Sir Mix-a-Lot audio.**

I made the song over a 12-hour period. I’m not sure how many hours it took me, but those 12 hours fell on top of my beddy-bye time, which suffered greatly from the great booty.

As I’m writing this, there’s already things I’m kinda wishing I would have changed or done differently, but I think I just need to be done with this song. Last night, I figured I would put a rough cut release of the song up and then put the finishing touches on it and repost it sometime this week. I ended up getting a lot more work done on it than I would have thought, so the little things that bug me about it will do so for all eternity.***

I guess all I can really do is ask you to go take a listen, and I hope folks enjoy it as much as I recall making it in my sleep deprivation. It could be garbage, but garbage is a lot of fun some time. Alright, I think I’m just starting to ramble now.

I do see myself doing another one of these things, and I would be bringing a lot more knowledge to the table next time, so it should be better. “Makes Me Wonder,” the Maroon 5 song seems pretty popular cover-wise,**** so that’s looking like the next song it at the moment.

Yeah, so no story content this week. I had to decided last night, Zombies? Baby Got Back? Zombies? Baby Got Back? Honestly, which one would you have chosen?

Oh, sorry, you can’t answer me, can you?

On one last note, I’m going to be AFK for the 4 or 5 days so I might not put up a blog a day every day, but I’ll play catch-up when I get back and get a post for each day up.

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164 July 28

* And all-around nice guy I’m sure

** Alternative means ->

*** While it’s by no means here yet, it might end up achieving “Damn it to the inferno that is the Judaic-Christian torment that awaits all unsaved souls. May it rest in eternal misery with all the other blasted projects that have won demoralizing victories over me” status. Just kinda my fear. For the moment, I’m definitely happy with it.

**** Youtubers, is it that hard to edit out your hitting play and stop on the video?

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